made of the common law before the procedural reforms of the 19th century. Yet how relevant is the remedy—the actio—to modern law? Is it simply a procedural institution confined these days to giving expression to pre-existing rights, or does it still have a more active role? English law presents a somewhat complex picture.
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Lord Denning MR: In summer time village cricket is the delight of everyone. Nearly every village has its own cricket field where the young men play and the old men watch. In the village of Lintz in County Durham they have their own ground, where they have played these last 70 years… Yet now after these 70 years a judge of the High Court has ordered that they must not play there any more. He has issued an injunction to stop them. He has done it at the instance of a newcomer who is no lover of cricket. This newcomer has built, or has had built for him, a house on the edge of the cricket ground which four years ago was a field where cattle grazed. The animals did not mind the cricket.