with Roman and continental law (see, generally, Lipkin Gorman, p 782; Westdeutsche Landesbank v Islington LBC, p 799). 3 Does Glasgow represent a return to a ‘forms of action approach to legal
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Beswick v Beswick [1966] Ch 538 Court of Appeal; [1968] AC 58 House of Lords

(See also p 249.)

Lord Denning MR (Court of Appeal):… Section 56(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 says that:

A person may take an immediate or other interest in land or other property, or the benefit of any condition, right of entry, covenant or agreement over or respecting land or other property, although he may not be named as a party to the conveyance or other instrument and by s 205(1)(xx) ‘Property’ includes any thing in action, and any interest in real or personal property.