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Article G(C) of the Union Treaty inserts into the EC Treaty a new Part Two entitled ‘Citizenship of the Union’, consisting of new Articles 8-8e. Article 8(1) establishes that: ‘Every person holding nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.’ Article 8a gives every citizen of the Union the right to move and reside freely within the Union. Article 8b gives a citizen of the Union the right to stand for election in municipal elections in the state of residence. Article 8c confers on citizens a right to diplomatic protection by any legation of any member State. Article 8d confers on every citizen the right to petition the European Parliament or apply to the Ombudsman. Article 8e requires the Commission to report to the Parliament before 31 December 1993 and each three years thereafter on the application of Part Two. Thus, if a citizen of the Union is employed by an exporter, that citizen has a right to reside anywhere in the Union where the best effect for the exporter’s business will accrue.