chapter  3
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WHEREAS pursuant to its power of appointment as Trustee of the XX Family Trust, the Trustee has appointed the XX Descendants Trust to receive certain assets to be distributed at the time of division of the XX Family Trust, (date); AND WHEREAS the Trustee desires to settle the terms of trust under which it shall hold such assets as Trustee for the XX Descendants Trust;


NAME OF TRUST 1. This trust shall be known as the "XX Descendants Trust"

DECLARATION OF TRUST 2. Trustee acknowledges that it shall hold subject to the following trusts, all of

the property described in Annex "I" attached and incorporated by reference which it shall hold effective at the time of division of the XX Family Trust on the (date) at (time), which together with any other property that may later become subject to this Trust, shall constitute the trust estate (the Trust Fund) and shall be held, administered and distributed by the Trustee as herein provided.