chapter  8
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THE XXX FAMILY TRUST WHEREAS Settlor wishes to make provisions for the care and management of certain property in the manner and for the benefit of the beneficiaries named herein, and in pursuance of such object does transfer to the Trustee the assets listed in Annex A hereto to be held upon and subject to the trusts hereof; NOW THEREFORE this agreement witnesseth that the parties hereto have agreed and do hereby covenant and agree as follows:

NAME OF TRUST 1. This trust shall be known as the "XXX Family Trust"

SETTLEMENT 2. Settlor hereby transfers and delivers to Trustee, all of the property described

in Annex"A" attached and incorporated by reference. The receipt of such property is hereby acknowledged by Trustee. Such property, together with any other property that may later become subject to this Trust, shall constitute the trust estate (the Trust Fund) and shall be held, administered and distributed by the Trustee as herein provided.