chapter  9
4 THE YORKIST KINGS 1461–85 9.4.1 Edward IV 1461–83
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Following an abortive rising in 1469, which left them more isolated than ever, Warwick and Clarence rebelled in 1470 and, taking temporary refuge in France, Warwick threw in his lot with Margaret of Anjou and agreed to marry his younger daughter, Anne Neville, to Margaret’s son, Edward of Lancaster. His elder daughter was already married to Clarence, who was Edward IV’s heir pending the birth of a Prince of Wales; whether it was York or Lancaster which eventually triumphed, Warwick’s grandson would one day sit on the throne. Warwick invaded England in September 1470, forcing Edward to flee to Burgundy, brought Henry VI out of the Tower and ruled in his name. However, when Edward landed in England in March 1471, Clarence, ever a fair weather friend, rapidly joined him, along with those of the nobility who were opposed to the Nevilles. Supported by his youngest brother, the future Richard III, who came to prominence at this time, Edward defeated and killed Warwick at Barnet on 14 April, and three weeks later, defeated an army commanded by the Duke of Somerset at Tewkesbury, where Edward of Lancaster was killed and Margaret of Anjou was captured.