chapter  3
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The New Face of Child Pornography

ByMarie Eneman

Introduction Sexual abuse is one of the most heinous acts to which a child can be subjected. Child pornography, which is the documentation of such an act, is an extension of this abuse, causing continuing harm to the victim. Even in cases where the perpetrator is caught, the victim identified and the criminal case successfully prosecuted, the harm to the child involved continues as the documentary material remains accessible and distributable. This chapter takes as its foundation that child pornography is always an infringement of the rights of the child.2 Even though sexual exploitation of children and child pornography are considered serious social and legal issues in almost every state, the international community’s efforts to protect the rights of children in relation to this problem have not moved ahead in the manner that is needed. In particular, their efforts in relation to information and communications technology (ICT) have been particularly weak. ICT is today the most common medium for dissemination and consumption of child pornography.3