chapter  22
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Training and developing prison staff

ByMaggie Bolger, Jamie Bennett

The Training and Development Group (TDG), part of the Directorate of Human Resources, is the largest provider of education and training for the Prison Service. TDG is responsible for the strategic direction of learning across the Service, including training needs analysis, the development of curriculum, evaluating the effectiveness of training, quality assuring course materials and trainer delivery, as well as maintaining the central records of training undertaken by the various grades of staff throughout the Service. The Prison Service College provides training on a diverse range of subjects including: leadership and management development, security, offender management, personnel management, prison administration, IT, control and restraint, and physical education, as well as construction and technical training. The main focus of TDG’s training portfolio concerns the

preparation and development of new entrants into the Service in order to fulfil the role of the prison officer.