chapter  4.2
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Unified Human Community Ecology

WithVanda Rounsefell

Unified Ecology is based on a complex systems theory and was designed to assist ecologists to communicate better. The scales for Human Community Ecology could be: microscopic, individual entity, room, house, housing cluster or neighbourhood, city region, state or province, nation, major political region, global. The Unified Human Community Ecology Criteria can be used to form headings for data searches, to check for missed aspects, for documentation and for tracing linkages. This chapter introduces a tool to help organise complex design information and generate ideas. Design specialists need to be informed generalists, especially at small scales of work where clients cannot afford to hire other experts. The connection between design decisions for individual projects and global ecological threats, needs to be clearly understood and respected by each practitioner. A design provides a supportive backcloth which will attract or support a traffic, such as a building, people, vehicles, living things - and continue as an agent supporting nature and human health.