chapter  5.2
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The Sustainable Landscape

WithPaul Osmond

This chapter discusses the case of rooftop greening to illustrate the idea that landscape eco-design can play a catalytic role in the achievement of ecological sustainability. The designed landscape is pivotal to the discourse of sustainability. Hence the sustainable but design-free and decontextualised landscapes which frequently result from ecological restoration projects. Landscape design may be regarded as a process of structuring relationships between humans and nature. Landscape design, like the other environmental design fields, should draw upon and adapt a toolkit of sustainability methodologies. Landscape design has a potentially unique integrative role across the eco-design spectrum. Eco-logical landscape design is in a unique position to catalyse a more general shift towards sustainability through: integrating art and ecology across a range of parameters from the hydrological cycle to urban agriculture. Greening the city's roof is a concept which provides ample opportunities to integrate and implement many of the aesthetic and physical design principles.