chapter  8.3
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From Sub-urbanism to Eco-cities

WithChérie Hoyle, Paul Downton

This chapter argues denser cities and provides examples of initiatives to create models for urban living. The need for greater dwelling densities suggests that eco-cities may have some high buildings, but high densities can be comfortably achieved with three or four storey housing, so except for the few childless couples or individuals who choose it, there is no need for high-rise housing. Eco-cities replace machine-dominated spaces with people and green space. The public realm comes alive when urban environments have well designed and appropriate public spaces. Urban Ecology Australia Inc is a non-profit education and advocacy association, working to integrate social, economic and cultural initiatives with eco-city projects as catalysts for systemic environmental improvement in cities and their bioregions. Urban consolidation or denser living, also called 'compact cities', would allow space for natural environments and to restore the health of the ecosystem.