chapter  10.3
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Bamboo as a Building Resource

WithVictor Cusack, Lou Yiping

As an economical building material, bamboo's speed in developing matured harvestable timber production outstrips any other naturally growing resource. The annually renewable harvest cycle is unprecedented in any other timber producing species. The diversity of use and species available makes it possible to find a bamboo that will suit most different climates or environments. The Costa Rican government has introduced an education program to build at least 3000 bamboo houses every year. Councils will approve bamboo structures subject to the plans being accompanied by an engineering drawing or specification, and an indication that the bamboo is of a suitable structural species that has been prepared in the correct manner. Bamboos are divided into two fundamentally different forms, each with minor variations. These are the cooler climate running bamboos, and tropical clumping bamboos. Demand for a diversity of uses for good-quality bamboo culms will increase considerably in the Western world as more superior quality bamboo timber becomes available.