chapter  11.3
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Building Codes and Sustainability

WithDavid Eisenberg

Building codes exist to protect public health and safety. In many cases, building codes are jeopardising public health and safety by inadvertently resulting in the destruction of the planet's natural support systems. Building codes have evolved toward the use of higher levels of technology and industrially processed materials. Ecological sustainability refers to the ability of whole systems to remain healthy and continue on indefinitely. Create a different kind of wisdom about building design and regulation that is based on seeking an understanding of local and global sustainability. The application of building practices and regulations from developed countries, in developing countries, results in inappropriate buildings and heightened environmental, social and economic problems. The issues of sustainable building include the toxicity of the processes through which materials are extracted, manufactured, and used. Modern building codes were initially developed by insurance interests and have been influenced heavily by the industries that produce the materials and building systems which are regulated by the codes.