chapter  15
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Globalization, civil society and governance: Challenges for the 21st century Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal, the Director of the Centre for Science and Environment in India, died on 2 January 2002. Anil had planned to contribute to this book – reflecting on the two years he spent at IIED, helping to develop its information and media service Earthscan, before returning to India to set up the Centre for Science and Environment in Delhi in 1981. He and his colleagues at the Centre set so many new standards. Their first State of India’s Environment: A Citizens’ Report in 1982 inspired many other national reports – yet this and the subsequent editions (including the 1999 two-volume edition) still remain among the best of all national assessments. Their fortnightly journal Down to Earth remains the essential journal for keeping in touch with environment and development concerns in Asia (and elsewhere). Their documentation of global environmental negotiations (for instance in the two seminal volumes, Green Politics in 1999 and Poles Apart in 2001) not only keep all those interested in these negotiations informed but also point to their weaknesses and inadequacies.