chapter  9
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Progress in Analysis of Social Vulnerability and Capacity

ByIan Davis

In April 1993, I was asked to speak on ‘Assessing Community Vulnerability’ (Davis, 1994) at a conference at the Royal Society in London on Medicine in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR). Preparing this chapter has presented a useful opportunity to revisit that original paper to observe any significant developments in social vulnerability assessment during the intervening years. It has also provided the necessary incentive for me to reflect on my own changing perceptions of a subject that has become a central aspect of disaster management. The structure of this chapter is built around six key issues that I raised in the original paper. These are restated, followed by quotations drawn from the original paper. The issues include comments on almost ten years of change. Each issue then concludes with a summary of actions required to make progress in risk assessment and management.