chapter  4
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The Impact of LEIT: Evidence from the Literature

ByRobert Tripp

Before examining the evidence from the three case studies, it will be useful to review what the existing literature tells us about the diffusion and utilization of low external-input technology (LEIT). As discussed in Chapter 1, there are relatively few studies that analyse the adoption of this type of technology. This is partly because most efforts at introducing and promoting LEIT are comparatively recent, and experience regarding the adoption of the technology is only beginning to emerge. Another factor possibly explaining the paucity of analysis on the uptake of LEIT is the assumption that this type of technology is naturally appropriate for lower-resource farming households and, hence, does not require the same scrutiny regarding the distribution of benefits that conventional agricultural technologies often attract. This chapter attempts to summarize the available literature on the utilization of LEIT and, in particular, to examine what is known about differences in experience within and between farming communities.