chapter  24
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Sustainable harvesting of epiphytic bromeliads in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico: a pilot study by Jan H D Wolf and Cornelis J F Konings

In this pilot study (Wolf and Konings, 2001), one epiphytic bromeliad, Tillandsia vicentina Standley, was identified that met the criteria. This species does not have a current local use. The species is sold as a houseplant in the US and in Europe. The authors prefer targeting export markets before developing a national market for the plants, which may be difficult to control against competitors who operate unsustainably. The authors estimate that it is possible to harvest sustainably nearly 700 rosettes of T. vicentina per hectare per year from the understorey and forest floor of the study site. Implementation of a monitoring programme to evaluate this arbitrary, yet strict, set of criteria is recommended.