chapter  16
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Greater Dublin in the Celtic Tiger Economy: Towards a Polycentric Mega-City Region?

ByChris van Egeraat, Martin Sokol, Peter Stafford

In the decade leading to the millennium, the Republic of Ireland underwent spectacular transformation from a peripheral, backward economy to one of the best performers within the European Union (EU). Much of the growth occurred in the Greater Dublin region, making it into one of the most prosperous areas of the North West European ‘Europolis’. The region could be seen as the powerhouse of the Irish ‘economic miracle’, or an engine of the ‘Celtic Tiger’. Importantly, much of the economic activity and jobs created were generated within the ‘new economy’ in general, and the advanced producer services (APS) in particular. The growing international importance of Dublin in this respect has been recognized by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Study Group and Network, labelling Dublin as an ‘emerging global city’ (Taylor et al, 2002c, p100).