chapter  6
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On the Economics and Social Typology of Volcano Tourism with Special Reference to Montserrat, West Indies: N. Petford, J. Fletcher and Y. Morakabati

ByMontserrat, West Indies N. Petford, J. Fletcher and Y. Morakabati

Introduction Type volcano tourism into Google and there are more than one million results, many of the early hits offering package tours or trips to volcanoes for sightseeing and exploration. Volcanic activity can cause major losses to human life, together with considerable financial cost arising from destruction of property and infrastructure. On other occasions volcanic activity happens in remote sparsely populated areas where there is little risk to humans or their properties. The economic damage of volcanic activity can range from the temporary loss of output as production is halted through the activities of the volcano to the destruction of airports, roads, houses and agricultural land. The 18 May 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens is a good example – the economic damage of the eruption is estimated at 1.1 billion USD in direct costs, or approximately 3300 USD for every second of peak eruptive activity.