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Case Study 8. Alaska’s Volcanoes – The Aleutian Arc and Wilderness

ByM. Cooper

The 1989-1990 eruptions from Mt Redoubt on the other hand, were the second most costly in the history of the United States, and had significant impact on the aviation and oil industries as well as the people of the Kenai peninsula where, during periods of continuous ash fallout, schools were closed and some individuals experienced respiratory problems. At the Drift River oil terminal, lahars and lahar run-out flows threatened the facility and partially inundated the terminal on 2 January 1990 (Dorava and Meyer, 1994). The Redoubt eruption also damaged five commercial

jetliners, and caused several days worth of airport closures and airline cancellations in Anchorage and on the Kenai peninsula (Casadevall, 1994). Drifting ash clouds disrupted air traffic as far away as Texas. Mt Redoubt is within Lake Clark National Park and Preserve and is accessible by small aircraft to the glaciers and the Drift River gravel banks.