chapter  8
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The Need for a Planning Framework to Preserve the Wilderness Values of Sibayak Volcano, North Sumatra, Indonesia

ByD. Newsome

According to Vaisutis et al (2007) the top volcanoes to visit in Java are Bromo, Merapi (last eruption in 2007) and Krakatau (last ash eruption in 2009), and in Sumatra Sibayak, Marapi and Kerinci. The focus of this chapter is on Sibayak (Figure 8.1) because it is a widely promoted site to visit on the north Sumatra tourism circuit, is one of the most accessible volcanoes in Indonesia and is popular with day-trippers from Medan. The issues surrounding visitation to Sibayak are explored from the perspective of site access, observation of visitor attitudes towards the volcano, and how the volcano is presented to the visitor as a geotourism destination. At present there is no suitable planning framework in place that is able to adequately assess, predict and manage uncontrolled recreation and tourism at Sibayak. Attention is therefore given as to how sustainable geotourism might be conducted through the application of a tourism-planning framework.