chapter  12
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Volcano Tourism in Iran: Mt Damavand, the Highest Peak in the Middle East

ByK. Vafadari

Introduction Mt Damavand is the second highest volcano in Asia after Kunlun in Tibet and the highest volcano in the Middle East. Damavand is also the name of an area (Damavand county) in the north-east of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Mt Damavand the volcano is located in the Alborz mountain range in the north of Iran, which form a natural barrier between the south part of the Caspian Sea and the central plateau of Iran (Figure 12.1). This mountain range is more than 1500km long and its width varies from 30 to 130km (Esham, 1972; Guest, 2004). The length of this mountain range determines the nature of the ‘Caspian Mild’ climate in the northern part of Iran, which is significantly different to the desert and semi-desert climate of the central plateau of Iran.