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Case Study 12. Geothermal Attractions and Active Volcanoes in China

ByM. Cooper

Introduction The most recent volcanoes of China are distributed generally in the north and west of the country (Jilin, Heilongjiang Provinces, Nei Mongolia, Tibet) or the south west (Hainan, Qiongzhou Strait, Tengchong). It is possible to find representatives of almost all types of former volcanic activity in these areas, from basaltic magmatic eruptions and phreatomagmatic explosions, strato and shield volcanoes, lava cones, pyroclastic cones (spatter cones, cinder cones), lava tubes and maars. An interesting feature of Chinese volcanoes is that they are designated as biosphere reserves, national parks or, increasingly, national or provincial geoparks. Several have also been designated Global Geoparks (Table CS12.1). As a consequence they are important tourism resources in educational and scenic terms, as well as for their current and/or past geothermal activity.