chapter  2
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Major Volcanoes Worldwide

The majority of people who died (in parentheses after year of eruption and name of volcano) from volcanic activity in recent times were in South America (Armero, Colombia), Africa (Nyos, Cameroon) and in the Asia Pacific region (Philippines and Indonesia). However, accidents on a larger scale cannot be excluded around volcanoes with the potential for future eruptions, whether this may be, for example, Vesuvius, Mt Fuji, Arenal, Hekla, Mt Rainier or Ruapehu. These mountains all draw vast numbers of visitors for a range of recreational and cultural activities. Therefore it is important that these temporary visitors receive as much information in

the form of brochures or fact sheets to assist them in the case of an emergency. The number of deaths due to volcanic activity also includes fatalities caused by lahars/mudflows, which can be triggered many years after the actual eruption event.