chapter  9
24 Pages

‘One Aviva, Twice the Value’: Connecting Sustainability at Aviva plc

ByMartin Brigham, Paraskevi Vicky Kiosse, David Otley

Taking Aviva’s global strategy and vision as our cue, in this chapter we cast the spotlight on Aviva’s global sustainability initiatives and steps taken to embed these into business processes. We first introduce Aviva Group plc and outline its corporate responsibility, environmental and sustainability practices. We then present four important themes in Aviva’s approach to embedding sustainability: implementing connected reporting for environmental performance; embedding carbon-neutral operations; managing stakeholders and the value chain; and the integration of sustainability within core business products through sustainable and responsible investment. The penultimate section outlines Aviva’s reporting systems for corporate responsibility and sustainability. We conclude the chapter with lessons and implications for those thinking about how to manage corporate change in the direction of sustainability.