chapter  4
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Selling the Adventure of a Lifetime: an Ethnographic Report on Cruising in the Antarctic

ByArthur Asa Berger

A small-ship expedition to Antarctica might be the single greatest adventure travel opportunity of your life. We’re proud to say that in 1966, Lindblad became the first to offer expedition travel to Antarctica. That’s over 40 years of experience in the most wild place on earth. So we understand fully the responsibility as well as the potential for life changing experiences that this vast landscape carries. No mere drive-by, our Antarctica expedition cruises go deeper. You’ll have the opportunity to travel with National Geographic experts and the most experienced Ice Team on earth. With their leadership, step foot on land overflowing with life. Zodiac past soaring icebergs. Kayak in protected waters, padding around icebergs as penguins swim by. And encounter Antarctica from the safety and comfort of our new expedition ship, National Geographic Explorer. (Lindblad, 2009, emphasis added)

On 19 February 2008, my wife and I left the apartment we had rented for a week in downtown Buenos Aires and took a cab for a short ride to the pier where the Star Princess was docked. £ousands of people were there and the situation was chaotic. People who had booked a cruise on the Star Princess were milling around, suitcases were stacked here and there on the sidewalk, porters were running back and forth. Fortunately, we had gone to a meeting at a hotel a few days earlier and secured boarding passes, and so we were able to board the ship immediately. Somehow or other, everyone who had booked passage on the ship boarded it and most of them got their suitcases.