The Concise Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials presents new and selected content from the 11-volume Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials Encyclopedia. The carefully culled content includes groundbreaking work from the earlier published work as well as exclusive online material added since its publication in print. A diverse and global team of renowned scientists provide cutting edge information concerning polymers and polymeric biomaterials. Acknowledging the evolving nature of the field, the encyclopedia also features newly added content in areas such as tissue engineering, tissue repair and reconstruction, and biomimetic materials.

chapter 1|18 pages

Adhes ives: Tissue Repair and Reconstruction

ByA. Lauto, H. Ruprai, J.M. Hook

chapter 2|39 pages

Aerogels: Cellulose-Based

ByF. Liebner, N. Pircher, C. Schimper, E. Haimer, T. Rosenau

chapter 3|25 pages

Anticancer Agents: Polymeric Nanomedicines

ByRong Tong, Jianjun Cheng

chapter 4|8 pages

Anti-Infective Biomaterials

ByW. Kohnen, B. Jansen

chapter 5|10 pages

Artificial Muscles

ByMohsen Shahinpoor

chapter 6|4 pages

Bioabsorbable Polymers: Tissue Engineering

ByK.J. L. Burg, Waleed S. W. Shalaby

chapter 7|6 pages

Bioactive Systems

ByMikhail I. Shtilman

chapter 8|18 pages

Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

ByRyan F. Donnelly, A. David Woolfson

chapter 9|10 pages

Biocompatibility: Testing

ByJoel D. Bumgardner, Marcia Vasquez-Lee, Keertik S. Fulzele, Daniel H. Smith, Kellye D. Branch, Seth I. Christian, David L. Williams

chapter 10|14 pages

Biodegradable Polymers: Bioerodible Systems for Controlled Drug Release

ByJorge Heller, Kirk P. Andriano

chapter 11|9 pages

Biodegradable Polymers: Biomedically Degradable Polymers

ByA.-C. Albertsson, A. Löfgren

chapter 12|13 pages


ByMikhail I. Shtilman

chapter 13|6 pages

Biofunctional Polymers

ByJennifer L. West

chapter 14|8 pages


ByL. James Lee

chapter 15|25 pages

Biomimetic Materials

ByKimon Alexandros Leonidakis, Al Halifa Soultan, Susanna Piluso, Abhijith Kundadka Kudva, Laurienv Van den Broeck, Taíla O. Meiga, Rory L.D. Gibney, Jennifer Patterson

chapter 16|15 pages

Biomimetic Materials: Smart Polymer Surfaces for Tissue Engineering

ByJoão F. Mano

chapter 17|8 pages

Biorubber: Poly(Glycerol Sebacate)

ByYadong Wang

chapter 18|11 pages

Blood Vessel Substitutes

ByJan P. Stegeman, Shaneen L. Rowe, Robert M. Nerem

chapter 19|22 pages

Bone–Implant: Polymer Physicochemical Modification for Osseointegration

ByWaleed S. W. Shalaby, Bruce L. Anneaux

chapter 20|31 pages

Cellulose-Based Biopolymers: Formulation and Delivery Applications

ByJ. D. N. Ogbonna, F. C. Kenechukwu, S. A. Chime, A. A. Attama

chapter 21|11 pages

Colloid Drug Delivery Systems

ByMonzer Fanun

chapter 22|15 pages

Conducting Polymers: Biomedical Engineering Applications

BySmritimala Sarmah, Raktim Pratim Tamuli

chapter 23|13 pages

Conjugated Polymers: Nanoparticles and Nanodots of

ByGarima Ameta, Suresh C. Ameta, Rakshit Ameta, Pinki B. Punjabi

chapter 24|22 pages

Conjugates: Biosynthetic-Synthetic Polymer Based

ByJan C. M. van Hest

chapter 25|8 pages

Contact Lenses: Gas Permeable

ByJay F. Künzler

chapter 26|16 pages

Corneas: Tissue Engineering

ByDalia A.M. Hamza, Tamer A.E. Ahmed, Maxwell T. Hincke

chapter 27|7 pages

Dendritic Architectures: Delivery Vehicles

BySaeed Jafarirad

chapter 28|9 pages

Dendritic Architectures: Theranostic Applications

BySaeed Jafarirad

chapter 29|22 pages

Dental Polymers: Applications

ByNarendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Kiran Meghwal, Pinki B. Punjabi, Jyoti Chaudhary, Paridhi Kataria

chapter 30|6 pages

Dental Sealants

ByYasuhiko Tsuchitani, Tohru Wada

chapter 31|12 pages

Drug Delivery Systems: Selection Criteria and Use

ByRavindra Semwal, Ruchi Badoni Semwal, Deepak Kumar Semwal

chapter 32|25 pages

Drugs and Excipients: Polymeric Interactions

ByJames C. DiNunzio, James W. McGinity

chapter 33|6 pages


ByRajesh Kalia, Sapna Kalia

chapter 34|9 pages

Electroactive Polymeric Materials

ByV. Prasad Shastri

chapter 35|15 pages

Electrospinning Technology: Polymeric Nanofiber Drug Delivery

ByNarendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Kiran Meghwal, Priya Juneja, Pinki B. Punjabi

chapter 36|41 pages

Electrospinning Technology: Regenerative Medicine

ByToby D. Brown, Cedryck Vaquette, Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Paul D. Dalton

chapter 37|13 pages

Excipients: Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

ByPatrick Crowley, A. Lauto

chapter 38|25 pages

Fluorescent Nanohybrids: Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

ByS. Herman, Mansur Alexandra A. P. Mansur

chapter 39|31 pages

Functionalized Surfaces: Biomolecular Surface Modification with Functional Polymers

ByFlorence Bally, Aftin M. Ross

chapter 40|7 pages

Gels: Fibrillar Fibrin

ByErin Grassl, Robert T. Tranquillo

chapter 41|10 pages

Gene Carriers: Design Elements

ByJong-Sang Park, Joon Sig Choi

chapter 42|11 pages

Gene Delivery

ByTetsuji Yamaoka

chapter 43|9 pages


ByShojiro Matsuda, Yoshita Ikada

chapter 44|10 pages

Hair and Skin Care Biomaterials

ByBernard R. Gallot

chapter 45|11 pages

Hemocompatible Polymers

ByYoung Ha Kim, Ki Dong Park, Dong Keun Han

chapter 46|11 pages


ByJunji Watanabe, Yoshihiro Kiritoshi, Kwang Woo Nam, Kazuhiko Ishihara

chapter 47|14 pages

Hydrogels: Classification, Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

ByKaliappa Gounder Subramanian, Vediappan Vijayakumar

chapter 48|24 pages

Hydrogels: Multi-Responsive Biomedical Devices

ByFrancesca Iemma, Giuseppe Cirillo, Umile Gianfranco Spizzirri

chapter 49|20 pages

In Vitro Vascularization: Tissue Engineering Constructs

ByCai Lloyd-Griffith, Tara M. McFadden, Garry P. Duffy, Fergal J. O’Brien

chapter 50|14 pages

Latexes: Magnetic

ByAbdul Hamid Elaissari, Raphael Veyret, Bernard Mandrand, Jhunu Chatterjee

chapter 51|8 pages

Ligament Replacement Polymers: Biocompatability, Technology, and Design

ByMartin Dauner, Heinrich Planck

chapter 52|13 pages

Lipoplexes and Polyplexes: Gene Therapy

ByDiana Rafael, Fernanda Andrade, Alexandra Arranja, Sofia Luis, Mafalda Videira

chapter 53|11 pages

Magnetomicelles: Theranostic Applications

ByPrashant K. Deshmukh, Abhijeet P. Pandey, Surendra G. Gattani, Pravin O. Patil

chapter 54|38 pages

Medical Devices and Preparative Medicine: Polymer Drug Application

ByM. R. Aguilar, L. García-Fernández, M. L. López-Donaire, F. Parra, L. Rojo, G. Rodriguez, M. M. Fernández, Julio San Román

chapter 55|18 pages

Melt Extrusion: Pharmaceutical Applications

ByJames DiNunzio, Seth Forster, Chad Brown

chapter 56|19 pages

Melt-Electrospun Fibers

ByAleksander Góra, Rahul Sahay, Velmurugan Thavasi, Seeram Ramakrishna

chapter 57|13 pages

Membranes, Polymeric: Biomedical Devices

ByShahram Mehdipour-Ataei, Maryam Oroujzadeh

chapter 58|23 pages

Metal–Polymer Composite Biomaterials

ByTakao Hanawa

chapter 59|17 pages

Microcomponents: Polymeric

ByCan Yang, Xiao-Hong Yin

chapter 60|15 pages

Microgels: Smart Polymer and Hybrid

ByZahoor H. Farooqi, Mohammad Siddiq

chapter 61|9 pages

Molecular Assemblies

BySaeed Jafarirad

chapter 62|20 pages

Mucoadhesive Polymers: Basics, Strategies, and Trends

ByAndreas Bernkop-Schnürch

chapter 63|17 pages

Mucoadhesive Systems: Drug Delivery

ByRyan F. Donnelly, Elizabeth Ryan, Thakur Raghu Raj Singh, A. David Woolfson

chapter 64|16 pages

Muscles, Artificial: Sensing, Transduction, Feedback Control, and Robotic Applications

ByMohsen Shahinpoor, Kwang J. Kim, Mehran Mojarrad

chapter 65|13 pages

Nanocomposite Polymers: Functional

ByRadhakrishnan Sivakumar, Sambandam Anandan

chapter 66|28 pages

Nanogels: Chemical Approaches to Preparation

BySepideh Khoee, Hamed Asadi

chapter 67|25 pages

Nanomaterials: Conducting Polymers and Sensing

ByMurat Ates

chapter 68|13 pages

Nanomaterials: Theranostics Applications

ByM. Sasidharan, S. Anandhakumar, S. Vivekananthan

chapter 69|15 pages

Nanomaterials: Therapeutic Applications

ByDominik Witzigmann, Marine Camblin, Jorg Huwyler, Vimalkumar Balasubramanian

chapter 70|21 pages

Nanomedicine: Review and Perspectives

ByAli Zarrabi, Arezoo Khosravi, Ali Hashemi

chapter 71|61 pages

Nanoparticles: Biological Applications

ByStanislav Rangelov, Stergios Pispas

chapter 72|12 pages

Nanoparticles: Biomaterials for Drug Delivery

ByAbhijit Gokhale, Thomas Williams, Jason Vaughn

chapter 73|24 pages

Nanoparticles: Cancer Management Applications

ByShyamasree Ghosh, Soham Saha, Abhinav Sur

chapter 74|29 pages

Natural Polymers: Tissue Engineering

ByKunal Pal, Sai Sateesh Sagiri, Vinay K. Singh, Beauty Behera, Indranil Banerjee, Krishna Pramanik

chapter 75|20 pages

Nerve Guides: Multi-Channeled Biodegradable Polymer Composite

ByWesley N. Sivak, Trent M. Gause, Kacey G. Marra

chapter 76|17 pages

Neural Tissue Engineering: Polymers for

ByAshok Kumar, Tanushree Vishnoi

chapter 77|4 pages

Non-Viral Delivery Vehicles

ByErnst Wagner

chapter 78|13 pages

Orthopedic Applications: Bioceramic and Biopolymer Nanocomposite Materials

ByClark E. Barrett, Ruth E. Cameron, Serena M. Best

chapter 79|15 pages

Peptide–Polymer Conjugates: Synthetic Design Strategies

BySabrina Dehn, Robert Chapman, Katrina A. Jolliffe, Sébastien Perrier

chapter 80|14 pages

Pharmaceutical Polymers

ByNarendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Arpit Kumar Pathak, Kumudini Bhanat, Rakshit Ameta, Manish Kumar Rawal, Pinki B. Punjabi

chapter 81|24 pages

Polyurethanes: Medical Applications

ByMichael Szycher

chapter 82|8 pages

Rapid Prototyping

ByShaochen Chen, Carlos A. Aguilar, Yi Lu

chapter 83|12 pages

Rapid Prototyping: Tissue Engineering

ByGiovanni Vozzi, Arti Ahluwalia

chapter 84|12 pages

Scaffolds, Polymer: Microfluidic-Based Polymer Design

ByMohana Marimuthu, Sanghyo Kim

chapter 85|8 pages

Scaffolds, Porous Polymer: Tissue Engineering

ByGuoping Chen

chapter 86|11 pages

Semiconducting Polymer Dot Bioconjugates

ByGarima Ameta

chapter 87|7 pages

Sensing and Diagnosis

ByMizuo Maeda

chapter 88|8 pages

Shape Memory Polymers: Applications

ByMeymanant Sadat Mohsenzadeh, Mohammad Mazinani, Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad

chapter 89|16 pages

Skin Tissue Engineering

ByIlaria Armentano, Luigi Torre, Josè Maria Kenny

chapter 90|19 pages

Smart Polymers: Imprinting

ByCarmen Alvarez-Lorenzo, Angel Concheiro, Jeffrey Chuang, Alexander Yu. Grosberg

chapter 91|10 pages

Smart Polymers: Medicine and Biotechnology Applications

ByAllan S. Hoffman

chapter 92|12 pages

Stem Cell: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Culture, Materials for

ByAkon Higuchi, Siou-Ting Yang, Pei-Tsz Li, Ta-Chun Kao, Yu Chang, Yung Hung Chen, S. Suresh Kumar

chapter 93|15 pages

Stents: Endovascular

ByG. Lawrence Thatcher

chapter 94|13 pages

Stimuli-Responsive Materials

ByQuazi T. H. Shubhra, A. K. M. Moshiul Alam

chapter 95|22 pages

Stimuli-Responsive Materials: Thermo- and pH-Responsive Polymers for Drug Delivery

ByJasbir Singh, Harmeet Kaur

chapter 96|16 pages


ByChih-Chang Chu

chapter 97|15 pages

Theranostics: Biodegradable Polymer Particles for

ByNaveed Ahmed, Nasir M. Ahmad, Asad Ullah Khan, Haseeb Shaikh, Asghari Maqsood, Abdul Hamid Elaissari

chapter 98|15 pages

Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Sonochemical Preparation

ByGarima Ameta, Kiran Meghwal, Arpita Pandey, Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Pinki B. Punjabi

chapter 99|15 pages

Vascular Grafts: Biocompatibility Requirements

ByShawn J. Peniston, Georgios T. Hilas

chapter 100|21 pages

Vascular Grafts: Polymeric Materials

ByAlexandre F. Leitão, Ivone Silva, Miguel Faria, Miguel Gama

chapter 101|11 pages

Vascular Tissue Engineering: Polymeric Biomaterials

ByGeorge Fercana, Dan Simionescu

chapter 102|13 pages

Wound Care: Natural BioPolymer Applications

BySoheila S. Kordestani

chapter 103|22 pages

Wound Care: Skin Tissue Regeneration

BySoonmo Choi, Deepti Singh, Sung Soo Han

chapter 104|19 pages

Wound Healing: Hemoderivatives and Biopolymers

BySilvia Rossi, Franca Ferrari, Giuseppina Sandri, Maria Cristina Bonferoni, Claudia Del Fante, Cesare Perotti, Carla Caramella

chapter 105|12 pages

Zwitterionic Polymeric Materials

ByVinod B. Damodaran, Victoria Leszczak, Melissa M. Reynolds, Ketul C. Popat