The Environmental Chemistry of Aluminum provides a comprehensive, fundamental account of the aqueous chemistry of aluminum within an environmental context. An excellent reference for environmental chemists and scientific administrators of environmental programs, this book contains material reflecting the many recent changes in this rapidly developing discipline.
The first three chapters discuss the most fundamental aspects of aluminum chemistry: its quantitation in soils and natural waters, including speciation measurements, and its stable chemical forms, both as a dissolved solute and in a solid phase. These chapters emphasize both critical assessments of and definitive recommendations for laboratory methodologies and measured thermodynamic properties relating to aluminum chemistry.
The next four chapters in The Environmental Chemistry of Aluminum build on this foundation to provide details of the polymeric chemistry of aluminum: its polynuclear and colloidal hydrolytic species in aqueous solution, its complexes with natural organic ligands, including humic substances, and its role as an adsorptive and adsorbent in surface reactions. These chapters are grounded in experimental results rather than conceptual modeling.
The final three chapters describe the chemistry of aluminum in soils, waters, and watersheds. These chapters illustrate the problems of spatial and temporal variability, metastability, and scale that continue to make aluminum geochemistry one of the great challenges in modern environmental science.

chapter Chapter 1|38 pages

The Quantitation of Aqueous Aluminum

ByPaul R. Bloom, M. Susan Erich

chapter Chapter 2|42 pages

Aqueous Equilibrium Data for Mononuclear Aluminum Species

ByDarrell Kirk Nordstrom, Howard M. May

chapter Chapter 3|36 pages

Inorganic Aluminum-Bearing Solid Phases

ByBruce S. Hemingway, Garrison Sposito

chapter Chapter 4|52 pages

Aqueous Polynuclear Aluminum Species

ByPaul M. Bertsch, David R. Parker

chapter Chapter 5|52 pages

Environmental Chemistry of Aluminum–Organic Complexes

ByGeorge F. Vance, Frank J. Stevenson, Frank J. Sikora

chapter Chapter 6|50 pages

Surface Reactions of Aqueous Aluminum Species

ByPhilip M. Jardine, Lucian W. Zelazny

chapter Chapter 7|61 pages

The Surface Chemistry of Aluminum Oxides and Hydroxides

BySabine Goldberg, James A. Davis, John D. Hem

chapter Chapter 8|29 pages

The Solubility of Aluminum in Soils

ByW. L. Lindsay, P. M. Walthall

chapter Chapter 9|56 pages

The Chemistry of Aluminum in Surface Waters

ByCharles T. Driscoll, Kimberley M. Postek

chapter Chapter 10|31 pages

Aluminum Geochemistry at the Catchment Scale in Watersheds Influenced by Acidic Precipitation

ByWilliam H. Hendershot, François Courchesne, Dean S. Jeffries