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"This landmark volume shows h

chapter 1|22 pages

Nutritional Genomics

chapter 2|27 pages

Methods to Study Bioavailability of Phytochemicals

ByBirgit Holst, Gary Williamson

chapter 3|18 pages

Characterization of Polyphenol Metabolites

chapter 6|20 pages

Cancer Chemoprevention with Sulforaphane, a Dietary Isothiocyanate

ByYuesheng Zhang

chapter 8|20 pages

Organosulfur-Garlic Compounds and Cancer Prevention

ByJohn Milner

chapter 11|12 pages

The Role of Flavonoids in Protection Against Cataract

ByJulie Sanderson, W. Russell McLauchlan

chapter 13|24 pages

Beneficial Effects of Resveratrol

ByAnn M. Bode, Zigang Dong

chapter 14|21 pages

The Role of Lycopene in Human Health

ByRegina Goralczyk, Ulrich Siler

chapter 16|11 pages

Future Perspectives in Phytochemical and Health Research

ByYongping Bao, Roger Fenwick