The concept of transmitting information from one chaotic system to another derives from the observation of the synchronization of two chaotic systems. Having developed two chaotic systems that can be synchronized, scientists can modulate on one phase signal the information to be transmitted, and subtract (demodulate) the information from the corres

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|48 pages

Chaotic Signal Generation and Transmission

ByAntonio Cândido Faleiros, Waldecir João Perrella, Tânia Nunes Rabello, Adalberto Sampaio Santos, Nei Yoshihiro Soma

chapter 3|64 pages

Chaotic Transceiver Design

ByArthur Fleming-Dahl

chapter 4|48 pages

Chaos-Based Modulation and Demodulation Techniques

ByFrancis C.M. Lau and Chi K. Tse

chapter 5|34 pages

A Chaos Approach to Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems

ByS. Callegari, G. Mazzini, R. Rovatti, G. Setti

chapter 6|42 pages

Channel Equalization in Chaotic Communication Systems

ByMahmut Ciftci, Douglas B. Williams

chapter 7|64 pages

Optical Communications using Chaotic Techniques

ByGregory D. VanWiggeren