The current rate and scale of environmental change around the world makes the detection and understanding of these changes increasingly urgent. Subsequently, government legislation is focusing on measurable results of environmental programs, requiring researchers to employ effective and efficient methods for acquiring high-quality data.


chapter 1|36 pages


chapter 6|16 pages

Atmospheric Monitoring

chapter 12|30 pages

Landscape Monitoring

chapter 22|18 pages

Monitoring, Assessment, and Environmental Policy

ByJ.J. Messer

chapter 24|26 pages

Bioindicators for Assessing Human and Ecological Health

ByJ. Burger, M. Gochfeld

chapter 26|22 pages

Judging Survey Quality in Biomonitoring

ByH.Th. Wolterbeek and T.G. Verburg

chapter 27|26 pages

Major Monitoring Networks: A Foundation to Preserve, Protect, and Restore

ByM.P. Bradley and F.W. Kutz

chapter 28|18 pages


ByD.J. Roux

chapter 29|20 pages


ByM. McDonald, R. Blair, D. Bolgrien, B. Brown, J. Dlugosz, S. Hale, S. Hedtke, D. Heggem, L. Jackson, K. Jones, B. Levinson, R. Linthurst, J. Messer, A. Olsen, J. Paul, S. Paulsen, J. Stoddard, K. Summers, G. Veith

chapter 30|16 pages


ByK. Riitters, B. Tkacz

chapter 31|34 pages


ByR. Haeuber, M. Kolian

chapter 32|14 pages


ByE.R. Smith,R.V. O’Neill, J.D. Wickham, and K.B. Jones