To gain a complete overview of what is presently known about molecular carcinogenesis would prove to be a very daunting task for those not already steeped in this complex subject. Fortunately, David Warshawsky and Joseph Landolph Jr., both highly respected for their own contributions to the field, know exactly whom to call upon to fulfill the need

chapter 1|24 pages

CH 1 Carcinogens and Mutagens

ByDavid Warshawsky

chapter 2|20 pages

CH 2 Whole Animal Carcinogenicity Bioassays

ByJoseph R. Landolph, Jr., Weiling Xue, and David Warshawsky

chapter 3|34 pages

CH 3 Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Selected Organic Carcinogens

ByWeiling Xue, David Warshawsky

chapter 5|28 pages

CH 5 Cellular Oncogenes and Carcinogenesis

ByHelmut Zarbl

chapter 6|20 pages

CH 6 Tumor Suppressor Genes

ByBernard E. Weissman

chapter 8|20 pages

Oncongenesis in Transgenic and Knockout Mice

ByLaura R. Erker, Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

chapter 10|22 pages

CH 10 Radiation Carcinogenesis

ByColin K. Hill, Donna M. Williams-Hill

chapter 11|20 pages

CH 11 DNA Microarrays and Computational Analysis of DNA Microarray Data in Cancer Research

ByMario Medvedovic, Jonathan S. Wiest

chapter 12|26 pages

CH 12 Application of Proteomics in Basic Biological Sciences and Cancer

ByChristoph Borchers, Ting Chen, Nouri Neamati

chapter 13|14 pages

CH 13 Overview of Human Cancer Induction and Human Exposure to Carcinogens

ByDavid Warshawsky and Joseph R. Landolph, Jr.

chapter 15|22 pages

CH 15 Lung Cancer

ByJay W. Tichelaar, George D. Leikauf

chapter 16|22 pages

CH 16 Breast Cancer

BySue C. Heffelfinger

chapter 18|24 pages

CH 18 Skin Cancer: Epidemiology, Clinical Manifestations, and Genetic and Molecular Aspects

ByZalfa A. Abdel-Malek, Ana Luisa Kadekaro, Michelle A. Pipitone, Diya F. Mutasim

chapter 19|28 pages

CH 19 Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer of the Brain

ByØle Didrik Laerum

chapter 20|14 pages

CH 20 Thyroid Cancer: Molecular Biology and Clinical Aspects

ByJohan R. Lillehaug, Øystein Fluge, Jan Erik Varhaug

chapter 21|34 pages

CH 21 Chemoprevention of Chemical Carcinogenesis and Human Cancer

ByMark A. Morse, Gary D. Stoner

chapter 22|22 pages

CH 22 Carcinogen Biomarkers and Exposure Assessment

ByGlenn Talaska

chapter 23|46 pages

CH 23 Risk Assessment for Chemical Carcinogens

ByAndrew G. Salmon

chapter 24|12 pages

CH 24 Prevention and Regulation Approaches to Carcinogens

ByEula Bingham, Jon Reid