Case Studies in Infection Control has 25 cases, each focusing on an infectious disease, which illustrate the critical aspects of infection control and prevention. Scenarios in the cases are real events from both community and hospital situations, and written by experts. Although brief comments are included in relation to the organism, diagnosis, and treatment the main emphasis is on the case, its epidemiology, and how the situation should be managed from the perspective of infection control and prevention.  Each case also has multiple choice questions and answers as well as listing international guidelines and references. All the cases will be an invaluable learning tool for anyone studying or practicing infection control.


chapter 1|10 pages


ByAlastair McGregor, Tim Brooks

chapter 2|12 pages


ByFred Pink

chapter 3|11 pages

Burkholderia Cepacia Complex (BCC) in Cystic Fibrosis

ByElizabeth Sheridan, Dervla Kenna, Jane Turton, Emma Lake

chapter 4|9 pages

Campylobacter Jejuni Infection

ByJohn Holton

chapter 5|12 pages

Clostridium Difficile Infection

ByAlicia Yeap, Nandini Shetty

chapter 6|14 pages

An Outbreak of Cryptosporidium sp. Associated with a Public Swimming Pool

ByChristina J. Atchison, Rachel M. Chalmers

chapter 7|18 pages

Giardia outbreaks on Ship

ByElizabeth Sheridan, Allan Johnson, Nabila Mughal

chapter 8|11 pages


BySam Douthwaite, Chris Ward

chapter 9|11 pages

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

ByNigel Field, Richard Gilson

chapter 10|12 pages

A Laboratory Incident Linked to Exposure to Botulinum Toxin

ByJohn Holton

chapter 11|8 pages

Legionella Pneumophila Infection

ByPeter Wilson

chapter 12|14 pages

Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

ByHelen McAuslane, Dominik Zenner

chapter 13|10 pages

Measles: Achieving National Control of a Vaccine Preventable Infection

ByMary Ramsay, Subhadra Rajanaidu

chapter 14|14 pages

Four Cases of Mers-Cov

ByJake Dunning, Joseph Fitchett

chapter 15|9 pages

A Case of Hospital-Acquired Mrsa

ByWael Elamin, John Holton

chapter 16|13 pages

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae With High-Level Resistance to Azithromycin

ByMonica Desai, Helen Fifer, Gwenda Hughes

chapter 17|13 pages

Increased Number of Infections with Plasmodium Spp During a Period of Sociopolitical Instability

ByGeraldine A O’Hara, Peter L Chiodini

chapter 18|9 pages

A Clinical Incident Linked to Prion-Associated Disease

ByJohn Holton

chapter 19|13 pages

An Outbreak of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

ByTrupti A. Patel, Michael Kelsey

chapter 20|11 pages


ByMartine Usdin, Hilary Kirkbride, Kevin E Brown

chapter 21|10 pages

An Outbreak of Nontyphoid Salmonellosis in the Workplace

ByStephen Woolley, Emma Hutley

chapter 22|12 pages

A Case of Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy

ByAlicia Yeap, Nandini Shetty

chapter 23|14 pages

Viral Haemorrhagic Fever

ByColin Brown, Emma Aarons

chapter 24|10 pages

A Case Of Vero Cytotoxinproducing Escherichia Coli (VTEC)

ByClaire Jenkins, Gauri Godbole

chapter 25|9 pages

A Case Of Varicella-Zoster Virus In A Maternity Unit

ByMichelle Griffin, Meera Chand, Kevin E Brown