Presents the proceedings of the recently held conference at the University of Plymouth. Papers describe recent work by leading researchers in twistor theory and cover a wide range of subjects, including conformal invariants, integral transforms, Einstein equations, anti-self-dual Riemannian 4-manifolds, deformation theory, 4-dimensional conformal structures, and more.;The book is intended for complex geometers and analysts, theoretical physicists, and graduate students in complex analysis, complex differential geometry, and mathematical physics.

chapter 2|20 pages

Cohomogeneity-One Kähler Metrics

ByAndrews Dancer, Ian A.B. Strachan

chapter 3|6 pages

Another Integral Transform Twistor Theory

ByMichael Eastwood

chapter 4|20 pages

Twisters and Spin-3/2 Potentials in Quantum Gravity

ByGiampiero Esposito, Giuseppe Pollifrone

chapter 5|4 pages

Analytic Cohomology of Blown-Up Twistor Spaces

ByRobin Horan

chapter 6|22 pages

Geometric Aspects of Quantum Mechanics

ByL. P. Hughston

chapter 7|14 pages

Anti-Self-Dual Riemannian 4-Manifolds

ByClaude LeBrun

chapter 9|26 pages

Relative Deformation Theory and Differential Geometry

BySergey A. Merkulov

chapter 10|12 pages

Self-Duality and Connected Sums of Complex Projective Planes

ByHenrik Pedersen

chapter 11|14 pages

Twisters and the Einstein Equations

ByRoger Penrose

chapter 12|12 pages

Remarks on the Period Mapping for 4-Dimensional Conformal Structures

ByMichael Singer

chapter 13|14 pages

Cohomogeneity-One Metrics with Self-Dual Weyl Tensor

ByK. P. Tod

chapter 14|14 pages

Twistor Theory and Isomonodromy

ByN. M. J. Woodhouse