Tubular structures remain a source of architectural inspiration and practical solutions to difficult performance specifications. New developments are covered in this text, which contains papers on design innovations and applications presented at an international symposium held in Australia in 1994.

part 1|44 pages

Applications & developments

chapter |7 pages

The architectural design of tubular steel structures

ByIan McGilvray

chapter |7 pages

Innovative lightweight tubular roof structures

ByW.R. Grayson, B.K. Dean

chapter |8 pages

Wide-span and heavily loaded tubular structures – Examples for the design

ByF. Mang, Ö. Bucak, E. Koch

chapter |6 pages

Economical structures with hollow sections

ByJürgen Krampen

chapter |7 pages

MacroSpan – A new generation of lightweight/longspan structures

ByJohn Macartney

chapter |4 pages

Roof top communication towers

ByB.K. Dean, J.D. Bennett

part 2|96 pages


chapter |8 pages

Hollow flange beams and rectangular hollow sections under combined bending and bearing

ByGregory J. Hancock, Raef M. Sully, Xiao-Ling Zhao

chapter |6 pages

Slip-joint connections in tubular lighting and other poles

ByN.W. Murray, A. Simonetto

chapter |8 pages

Nailing of steel tubes

ByJ.A. Packer, R.T. Krutzler

chapter |8 pages

Behavior and design of composite lattice girders with concrete slabs

ByYoshiaki Kurobane, Koji Ogawa, Kazumi Sakae

chapter |7 pages

Cold bending of thin-walled cylindrical tubes

ByNoel W. Murray, Paul Bilston

chapter |7 pages

Static strength testing of a plane frame using the tin-lead alloy technique

ByT.H. Hyde, H. Fessler

chapter |8 pages

Development of pre-engineered connections for SSHS

ByB.G. Chapman, A.A. Syam, H.M. Dagg, R.I. Dempsey

chapter |7 pages

Load-bearing capacity of bolted RHS joints under static tensile load

ByF. Mang, D. Karcher

chapter |6 pages

Improvement in the flexural capacity of rectangular hollow sections by through bolt stiffening

ByC.D. Bradfield, P.J.B. Morrell, Azmi bin Ibrahim

chapter |7 pages

A review of the factors influencing the cost of CUBIC Space Frame nodal connections

ByL.A. Kubik, Sulojana Shanmuganathan

chapter |10 pages

The strength of ball joints in space trusses – Part III

ByT. Tanaka, H. Kanatani, M. Tabuchi

part 3|28 pages

Stability and strength

chapter |8 pages

Rotation requirement and rotation capacity of rectangular, square and circular hollow section beams

ByNatalie Stranghöner, Gerhard Sedlacek, Philippe Boeraeve

chapter |8 pages

Stability aspects for hollow section columns, beams and beam-columns

ByD. Grotmann, G. Sedlacek

chapter |4 pages

Equivalent initial bow imperfections for hollow sections

ByJ. Lindner

part 4|53 pages

Design and strength – Offshore

chapter |11 pages

Adaptive standards for fracture control

ByP.W. Marshall

chapter |8 pages

Comprehensive guidance for the design and reassessment of tubular joints

ByPhilip Smedley, Helen Bolt

chapter |8 pages

International tubular member strength formulations – A common basis

ByP.A. Frieze, M. Birkinshaw

chapter |8 pages

Component-based system approaches for jacket reliability assessment

ByP.A. Frieze, M. Birkinshaw, J.V. Sharp

part 5|51 pages

Vehicle frames and impact

chapter |6 pages

Shock loading on a tubular structure

ByJohn Marco

chapter |8 pages

Flexural behaviour of rectangular tubular sections filled with fibrous high strength concrete

ByJohn Q. Zhang, Koushik Brahmachari

chapter |8 pages

Void filled square cantilever steel tubes subjected to gross plastic deformation

ByR.H. Grzebieta, G.J. White

chapter |11 pages

Axial compression of hollow and epoxy filled spot-welded thin-walled tubes

ByC.J. Flockhart, N.W. Murray

part 6|40 pages

Composite members

chapter |8 pages

High strength concrete in thin walled circular steel sections

ByM.D. O’Shea, R.Q. Bridge

chapter |7 pages

Push out resistance of concrete-filled tubes

ByH. Shakir-Khalil, N. Karim, A. Hassan

chapter |6 pages

Creep and shrinkage in concrete-filled steel tubes

ByP.J. Terry, M.A. Bradford, R.I. Gilbert

chapter |8 pages

Behaviour of composite columns in fire

ByA.J. O’Meagher, I.D. Bennetts

part 7|82 pages

Beam-to-column connections

chapter |9 pages

CHS column-to-beam connections without diaphragms

ByT. Kamba, H. Kanatani, T. Wakida

chapter |6 pages

Design of fin plate connection to SHS

ByMessaoud Saidani, David A. Nethercot

chapter |7 pages

Deformation limit for the ultimate strength of hollow section joints

ByL.H. Lu, G.D. de Winkel, Y. Yu, J. Wardenier

chapter |8 pages

Structural behaviour of semi-rigid composite joint

ByKoji Morita

chapter |8 pages

Beam connection to concrete-filled tubes

ByH. Shakir-Khalil

chapter |8 pages

Strength of unstiffened connection between beams and concrete filled tubular column

ByNoboru Yamamoto, Shinya Inaoka, Koji Morita

chapter |8 pages

Behaviour of SHS column to H beam moment connections with one side bolts

ByM. Tabuchi, H. Kanatani, T. Tanaka, A. Fukuda, K. Furumi, K. Usami, M. Murayama

part 8|33 pages

Expert systems – Optimum design

chapter |6 pages

Optimal design of cold-formed tubular steel-members

ByC. Ebenau, J. Menkenhagen, G. Thierauf

chapter |6 pages

Construction-led design of tubular trusses using a cost model: Knowledge acquisition and representation

ByW.M.K. Tizani, G. Davies, D.A. Nethercot, N.J. Smith

chapter |7 pages

Topology design of tubular structures with a variety of design constraints

BySabine Liebermann, Dirk Gerdes, Torben Birker, George I.N. Rozvany, Ming Zhou

part 9|49 pages

Ultimate strength – Joints

chapter |8 pages

A parametric study on the out-of-plane bending strength of T/Y-joints

ByM.M.K. Lee, E.M. Dexter

chapter |8 pages

Tests on CHS KK-joints under anti-symmetrical loads

ByY. Makino, Y. Kurobane

chapter |8 pages

Tests and design of butt welds and fillet welds in thin cold-formed RHS members

ByXiao-Ling Zhao, Gregory J. Hancock

chapter |7 pages

Investigation of shear-lag in slotted HSS tension members

ByR.M. Korol, F.A. Mirza, M.Y. Mirza

part 10|79 pages

Fatigue and repeated loading

chapter |6 pages

Cyclic behaviour of pinned tubes

ByM.K. Boutros

chapter |8 pages

Capacity of CHS YT-joints under high amplitude cyclic load

ByGoh Tok Kwong, Paul Grundy

chapter |7 pages

Incremental collapse of hollow sections

ByPaul Grundy

chapter |6 pages

Experimental study on ultimate behavior of CHS tubular X-joints in truss structure

ByK. Hiramatsu, N. Hara, M. Suzuki

chapter |7 pages

Shakedown analysis of tubular structures

ByPaul Grundy, Goh Tok Kwong

chapter |8 pages

Fatigue in high-strength steel offshore tubular joints

ByHenning Agerskov, Rasmus Ingomar Petersen, Luis Lopez Martinez

chapter |8 pages

Comparative fatigue tests on hollow section joints (X- and K-type) made of high-strength steels

ByF. Mang, Ö. Bucak, E. Koch, H. Stauf

chapter |8 pages

Fatigue crack curvature under the weld toe in a tubular joint

ByD. Bowness, M.M.K. Lee

chapter |9 pages

Design proposal for multiplanar K-joints with gap made of rectangular hollow sections

ByS. Herion, F. Mang, Ö. Bucak

part 11|56 pages

Finite element analysis–Strength

chapter |7 pages

Effect of the hidden weld on RHS partial overlap K joint capacity

ByGwynne Davies, Peter Crockett

chapter |8 pages

Effect of overlap on strength of K joints in CHS tubular members

ByE.M. Dexter, M.M.K. Lee, M.G. Kirkwood

chapter |8 pages

An interaction approach based on brace and chord loading for uniplanar tubular T-joints

ByG.J. van der Vegte, J. Wardenier

chapter |10 pages

Ultimate strength of cracked tubular joints

ByM.J. Cheaitani, F.M. Burdekin

part 12|51 pages

Strength concentration and fatigue

chapter |9 pages

The interaction effects between braces on the SCFs of multiplanar SHS joints

ByE. Panjeh Shahi, J. Wardenier, R.S. Puthli

chapter |8 pages

Stress concentration factors at circular-to-box joints

ByJ. Buitrago, C.A. Haymes, L.M. Connelly, T.M. Hsu

chapter |7 pages

Corrosion fatigue crack growth in tubular joints under CA loading

ByP. Gandhi, D.S. Ramachandra Murthy, G. Raghava, A.G. Madhava Rao, P.F. Anto, A.K. Samant, P.K. Pant

part |8 pages


chapter |6 pages

Assessment of ductile crack development in welded (tubular) joints

ByZhiliang Zhang, Erkki Niemi