First published in 1982. CRC Press is an imprint of Taylor & Francis.

chapter 1|14 pages

Analytical Comparisons of Methods For Assessing the Transient Directional Response of Automobiles

ByP. S. Fancher, R. L. Nisonger, C. B. Winkler, K. Guo

chapter 2|14 pages

The Response of a Vehicle to a Sudden Movement of the Steering Wheel

ByP. Beuzit, P. Fontanet, J. Simon

chapter 3|10 pages

Handling Research in a Driving Simulator Computer Simulation in real Time

ByM. Lidström, S. Nordmark, O. Nordström

chapter 6|15 pages

Self-Excited Vibrations of Truck Tandem Axle Suspension and Transmission Systems

ByR. S. Sharp, C. J. Jones

chapter 7|16 pages

A Study of the Directional and Roll Dynamics of Multiple-Articulated Vehicles

ByC. Mallikarjunarao, L. Segel

chapter 8|14 pages

Bifurcation Theory and Vehicle Dynamics – With Applications to the Tractor-Semitrailer

ByK. Zeman, H. Troger, R. Scheidl

chapter 9|16 pages

A Study of the Yaw Stability of Tractor-Semitrailer Combinations

ByR. D. Ervin, C. Mallikarjunarao

chapter 11|13 pages

Tire Models for the Determination of Vehicle Structural Loads

ByJames Bernard, Martin Vanderploeg, Robert Jane

chapter 12|13 pages

The Effect of Suspension System Nonlinearities on Heavy Truck Vibration

ByM. Sayers, T. D. Gillespie

chapter 14|13 pages

Influence of Suspension Friction on Riding Comfort

ByKeiichiro Yabuta, Kunihiko Hidaka, Naoto Fukushima

chapter 15|21 pages

The Mechanics of Automotive Hydraulic Dampers at High Stroking Frequencies

ByL. Segel, H.H. Lang

chapter 16|9 pages

Structural Dynamic Analysis of Passenger Cars

ByG. Dödlbacher

chapter 17|14 pages

Combining Test and Analysis to Troubleshoot Steering System Vibration Problems in an Automobile

ByR. Bosworth, D. R. Burton, R. Williams

chapter 18|14 pages

Agricultural Tractor Overturning and Impact Behaviour

ByC. J. Chisholm

chapter 21|19 pages

Mathematical Model of Two-Axle Bogie Locomotive and Main Results of Numerical Calculation

ByShen Zhiyun, Zhan Feishen, Lu Xiaodi

chapter 22|16 pages

Railway Vehicle Active Suspensions in Theory and Practice

ByR. M. Goodall, R. A. Williams, A. Lawton, P. R. Harborough

chapter 24|13 pages

Generic Properties and Performance Characteristics of Passenger Rail Vehicles

ByA. K. Kar, D. N. Wormley

chapter 25|15 pages

Stability of Freight Car Wheelset

ByHerbert K. Sachs

chapter 26|6 pages

The Nonlinear Dynamics of Rail Vehicles in Curve Entry and Negotiation

ByNeil K. Cooperrider, E. Harry Law

chapter 29|13 pages

A Practical Model of Rail Vehicle Curve Negotiation

ByP. P. Marcotte, K. J. R. Mathewson, R. Young

chapter 30|13 pages

Theory and Numerical Results of a General Quasi-Static Curving Algorithm

ByW. Kik, K. Knothe, H. Steinborn

chapter 31|14 pages

Design of a Limit Cycle Controller for the Nonlinear Wheel-Railsystem

ByWolfgang Hauschild

chapter 32|14 pages

Efficient Implementation of Wheel-Rail Contact Mechanics in Dynamic Curving

ByW. Duffek, A. Jaschinski

chapter 33|13 pages

Nonlinear Bogie Hunting

ByDirk Moelle, Robert Gasch

chapter 35|14 pages

Derailment Mechanics and Safety Criteria for Complete Rail Vehicle Trucks

ByL. M. Sweet, A. Karmel, S. R. Fairley

chapter 36|12 pages

Theoretical Analysis of the Dynamic Behaviour of Railway Vehicles

ByJose German Gimenez

chapter 37|14 pages

Running Stability of a Non-Linear System of a Railway Vehicle by Random Process Excitation

ByLadislav Rus, Vladimír Havlíček

chapter 39|14 pages

Prediction of the Dynamic Response of Vehicles to Lateral Track Irregularities

ByR. A. Clark, B. M. Eickhoff, G. A. Hunt

chapter 40|14 pages

Some Problems of Construction Analysis and Synthesis of a Mathematical Model of a Rail-Vehicle System

ByA. Chudzikiewicz, J. Droździel, J. Kisilowski