Accident records show that sooner or later hindrances near a waterway will be hit by ships, be it navigation marks, bridge structures, reefs or shallows. With this background modelling and analysis of ship collisions to bridge structures have an increasing importance as the basis for rational decision making in connection with planning, design and construction of bridges over navigable waters.

The International Symposium on Ship Collision Analysis focuses on advances in accident analysis, collision prevention and protective measures.

The publication Ship Collision Analysis, Proceedings of the 1998 International Symposium, presents the papers of international experts in ship collision analysis and structural design. The contributions give the state of the art and point to future development trends with in the focus areas.


part |1 pages

Ship collision to bridges

chapter |10 pages

Ship collision with bridges, review of accidents

BySipke E. van Manen, Aksel G. Frandsen

part |1 pages

The mechanics of ship collision

chapter 4|11 pages

The mechanics of ship impacts against bridges

ByPreben Terndrup Pedersen, Shengming Zhang

chapter |8 pages

Inner dynamics of side collision to bridge piers

ByGe Wang, Hideomi Ohtsubo, Kikuo Arita

chapter |12 pages

Inner dynamics of bow collision to bridge piers

ByE. Lehmann, X. Yu

part |1 pages

Risk analysis and risk acceptance

chapter |10 pages

Vessel collision design codes and experience in the United States

ByMichael A. Knott

chapter |12 pages

Current practice in risk analysis of ship collisions to bridges

ByHenrik Gluver, Dan Olsen

chapter |6 pages

An introduction to risk acceptance criteria

ByCharles Milloy

chapter |14 pages

Ship collision aspects unique to inland waterways

ByZ. Prucz

chapter |6 pages

Verification of ship collision frequency model

ByMax Karlsson, Finn M.Rasmussen, Lars Frisk, Finn Ennemark

chapter |11 pages

Design for ship impact according to Eurocode 1, Part 2.7

ByA.C.W. M. Vrouwenvelder

part |1 pages

Structural response

chapter |6 pages

Analysis of ship collision to pier and girder

ByLars Hauge, Kjeld Olsen, Ole Hededal

chapter |8 pages

Bridge pile substructure analysis and ship impact

ByMarc Hoit, Mike McVay, Cliff Hays

chapter |8 pages

Train derailment due to ship impact on bridges

ByS.E. Svensson

part |1 pages

Collision prevention

chapter |11 pages

Use of ship simulators in bridge design

ByStig E.Sand, Jakob Buus Petersen

chapter 10|14 pages

Design of VTS systems for water with bridges

ByY. Fujii, N. Mizuki

part |1 pages

Protective measures

chapter |8 pages

Protective works: An overview

ByW.B. Conway

chapter |15 pages

Protection of marine structures by artificial islands

ByBo Cerup Simonsen, Niels Erik Ottesen Hansen