The papers, from 18 countries in Europe and elsewhere, contain discussions of quite radical innovations in material technology, design philosophy, experimental techniques and analytical approaches that will affect seismic design practice into the next century. Papers are organised into 9 sections: Ground motion and seismic hazard studies; Seismic design of foundations; Seismic design of steel, concrete and masonry buildings; Seismic design of offshore, nuclear and petrochemical installations; Seismic design of bridges, dock and power station structures; Repair and strengthening of bridges and buildings; Active and passive methods of seismic control; Dynamic testing methods; Seismic codes of practice. The proceedings will provide essential material for all those from both industrial and research organisations needing to keep in touch with the state-of-the-art in earthquake engineering and related earch sciences.

part |71 pages

Keynote papers

chapter |10 pages

Deformation properties of soils for dynamic analyses

ByDavid Muir Wood

chapter |9 pages

Seismic ground motion parameters: An overview

ByBagher Mohammadioum

chapter |8 pages

Seismic vulnerability of megacities

ByMustafa Erdik

chapter |6 pages

Structural irregularity – A simple approach

ByDavid Key

chapter |4 pages

Seismic design in California with the new millennium

ByLoring A. Wyllie

chapter |9 pages

European cooperation in seismic design into the next century

ByDarius Amir-Mazaheri

part |82 pages

Seismic design of steel, concrete and masonry buildings

chapter |7 pages

Seismic performance of semi-rigid steel frames

ByF. Danesh

chapter |8 pages

Seismic design of steel frames with partial strength connections

ByA.Y. Elghazouli

chapter |7 pages

Assessment of the accidental eccentricity for knee braced frames

ByN. Bourahla, M. Aboubakr

chapter |8 pages

Response of asymmetric buildings to ground motion phase component

ByNicholas A. Alexander, Faiz A. Noor, Khalid Javed

chapter |8 pages

Modelling the floor diaphragm action of multi-storey buildings with 2-D finite element models

ByI.N. Doudoumis, A.M. Athanatopoulou

chapter |7 pages

Numerical modelling of masonry using discrete elements

ByC.L. Brookes, S. Mehrkar-Asl

chapter |8 pages

Dynamic response of buildings due to torsional ground motion of the base

ByE.N. Mitsopoulou, I.N. Doudoumis

chapter |8 pages

Testing of masonry infilled frame reduced scale building models

ByR. Žarnić, S. Gostič, R.T. Severn, C.A. Taylor

part |72 pages

Seismic design of foundations

chapter |9 pages

Rigorous dynamic analysis of concrete gravity dam-foundation rock systems

ByM. Simic, C.A. Taylor

chapter |8 pages

Non-linear dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis of a deep basement embedded in soft soil

ByZ.A. Lubkowski, J.M. Tandy, T.F. Piepenbrock, M.R. Willford

chapter |4 pages

Pile foundation used as a natural seismic damper

ByA.S. Scarlat

chapter |8 pages

Dynamic finite element analyses of sand: Structure interaction using a new kinematic hardening model

ByC.J. Hamilton, A.H.C. Chan, D. Muir Wood

chapter |8 pages

Shaking table tests of scale models of gravity retaining walls

ByA.J. Crewe, A. Simonelli, A. Scotto di Santolo

chapter |9 pages

Foundation liquefaction and densification countermeasures for earth embankments

ByKorhan Adalier, Ahmed-W. Elgamal

chapter |8 pages

Structure-soil-structure interaction studies

ByR.J. Young, A.N. Campbell, P.A. Merriman

chapter |6 pages

Advanced numerical modelling of earthquake induced liquefaction

ByA. Kaddouri, P.K. Woodward

chapter |8 pages

Measurement of liquefaction resistance provided by granular drainage columns

ByJ. Blewett, P.K. Woodward

part |69 pages

Ground motion and seismic hazard studies

chapter |8 pages

Definition of hazard-consistent ground motions through multi-parameter seismic hazard assessment

ByS.G. Scott, J.J. Bommer, S.K. Sarma

chapter |8 pages

What is the near-field?

ByA. Martínez-Pereira, J.J. Bommer

chapter |8 pages

A global analysis of earthquake displacement response spectra

ByM. Tsangaris, A.M. Chandler

chapter |8 pages

Zoneless source models for seismic hazard assessment

ByGordon Woo

chapter |7 pages

GIS and earthquake risk assessment – Case study: Cyprus

ByS. Kythreoti, V.R. Stovin, K. Pilakoutas

chapter |10 pages

Estimating human casualties in earthquakes: The case of Wellington

ByR.J.S. Spence, A. Pomonis, D.J. Dowrick, W.J. Cousins

chapter |9 pages

The re-evaluation of seismic hazard for the Paks NPP, Hungary

ByZ.A. Lubkowski, J.W. Pappin

part |34 pages

Seismic design of offshore, nuclear and petrochemical installations

part |40 pages

Seismic design of bridges, dock and power station structures

chapter |7 pages

The development of a design standard for dock gates

ByA. P. Mann, F. Pearson

chapter |9 pages

Vasilikos Power Station seismic hazard analyses and design criteria

ByJ.H. Mills, E. Gajardo, P. Dymiotis

part |26 pages

Dynamic testing methods

chapter |7 pages

Development of a real-time hybrid dynamic testing system

ByM.S. Williams, A. Blakeborough, G.T. Houlsby, D.M. Williams

chapter |8 pages

Real-time remote monitoring of dynamic displacements by computer vision

ByJ.H.G. Macdonald, C.A. Taylor, B.T. Thomas, E.L. Dagless

part |28 pages

Active and passive methods of seismic control

chapter |9 pages

Prediction of post-yield behaviour for isolated structures

ByH.R. Ahmadi, A.H. Muhr, F. Ruiz-Roso

chapter |8 pages

Base isolation for seismic retrofitting of existing structures

ByIoan Olariu, Felicia Olariu, Dragos Sarbu

part |76 pages

Seismic codes of practice

chapter |8 pages

Probabilistic assessment of Eurocode 8 provisions for confined members

ByA.J. Kappos, M.K. Chryssanthopoulos, C. Dymiotis

chapter |8 pages

Probabilistic assessment of q factors for irregular structures

ByRita Bento, João Azevedo

chapter |8 pages

Seismic behaviour of multi-storey R/C frames tested on an earthquake simulator

ByE. Vintzileou, Yong Lu, G.-F. Zhang

chapter |7 pages

Discussion of EC8 criteria for structural regularity in plan

ByM. Lopes, J. de Brito

chapter |8 pages

Seismic design methodologies for the next generation of codes

ByPeter Fajfar, Helmut Krawinkler

chapter |8 pages

Evaluation of effective design spectra

ByJ. Schwarz

chapter |12 pages

Seismic design of concrete frame structures: A comparison of Eurocode 8 with other international practice

ByE.D. Booth, A.J. Kappos, R. Park, J.P. Moehle

chapter |8 pages

Towards a non-linear method for the future seismic codes

ByPeter Fajfar

part |33 pages

Repair and strengthening of bridges and buildings

chapter |6 pages

Finite element analysis of R/C columns strengthened by the steel caging technique

ByH. Apostolopoulos, S. Dritsos

chapter |8 pages

Seismic retrofitting manuals for highway systems

ByIan M. Friedland, Ian G. Buckle, John O’Fallon, W. Phillip Yen

chapter |9 pages

Shaking table tests on a retrofitted, small scale, reinforced concrete model building

ByS.E. Dritsos, K.G. Vandoros, C.A. Taylor