This timely resource compares single-photon emission tomography (SPECT), used mainly withTechnetium and iodine for routine clinical examinations, and positron emission tomography(PET) , employing short-lived radionuclides of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine in researchinvestigations.Presenting the logic behind why one approach is better than another in various circumstances,Radio pharmaceuticals details the use of radiolabelled substrates in measuring the effect of diseaseand drugs on regional metabolism and receptor concentration/occupancy .. . discusses factorsaffecting the selective retention of small metal complexes by various tissues .. . analyzes the interactionof small exogenous metal complexes with enzymes in vivo and the critical role of stereochemistry. . . explores the use of radio labelled compounds in the study of neuroactive compounds,neurotransmitters, enzyme inhibitors, and substrates in vivo .. . covers the design and pharmacologyof radiolabelled drugs as probes of site of action , selectivity and specificity, and pharmacokineticsin vivo .. . and more.Extensively referenced with over l 050 bibliographic citations, Radiopharmaceuticals is a state-ofthe-art guide for pharmacists; organic, medicinal , and radiopharmaceutical chemists; pharmacokineticists;nuclear medicine physicians and technologists; neurochemists; and governmentregulatory personnel .

chapter 1|35 pages

Development of Positron Emitting Brain Perfusion Agents

ByDouglas D. Dischino

chapter 2|59 pages

Technetium-based Brain Perfusion Agents

ByDavid P. Nowotnik

chapter 3|44 pages

Single Photon Radiopharmaceuticals for imaging Myocardial Perfusion

ByAdrian D. Nunn

chapter 4|25 pages

Iodine Labeled Brain Perfusion Imaging Agents

ByHank F. Kung

chapter 5|53 pages

The Development of Single-photon Emitting Receptorbinding Radiotracers

ByWilliam C. Eckelman

chapter 7|30 pages

Positron Emitter Labeled Enzyme Inhibitors and Substrates

ByJoanna S. Fowler

chapter 10|66 pages

Renal Radiopharmaceuticals

ByAlphons M. Verbruggen, M. J. K. De Roo