Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers, Second Edition is a unique compendium of the art and science of the optical working of glass for the production of mirrors, lenses, and prisms. Incorporating minor corrections and a foreword by Professor Walter Welford FRS, this reissue of the 1957 edition provides a wealth of technical information and hands-on guidance gained from a lifetime of experience. Although some of the techniques have been replaced by more modern methods, this classic book is still a valuable source of practical assistance as well as being a pleasure to read.

chapter 1|26 pages


chapter 2|28 pages

Single Surface Working

chapter 4|52 pages

Tools and Materials in General Use

chapter 5|73 pages

Dioptric Substances

chapter 6|60 pages

Production of lenses in quantity

chapter 7|97 pages

The Manufacture of Spectacle Lenses

chapter 8|15 pages

Microscope Lenses

chapter 10|41 pages

Non-Spherical Surfaces

chapter 11|58 pages

Testing Optical Work

chapter 13|43 pages

Surface Treatment

chapter 14|39 pages

Testing Optical Glass

chapter 15|50 pages

Large Object Glasses and Mirrors