Papers cover topics including: physical modelling facilities; experimental advances; seismic experimental advances; education; soil behaviour; offshore systems; cold regions; geo-environment; dynamics; earthquake effects; and strategies for disaster reduction.

part 3|91 pages

Experimental advances

chapter |6 pages

Modeling of deep excavations

part 4|51 pages

Seismic experimental advances

part 8|42 pages

Cold regions

part 9|66 pages


part 10|36 pages


part 11|97 pages

Earthquake effects

chapter |6 pages

Seismic response of soft ground

part 12|62 pages

Strategies for disaster reduction

part 14|118 pages

Pile foundations

part 15|46 pages

Embankments, dams & slopes

part 16|50 pages

Underground construction

part 17|64 pages

Excavations & retaining structures

part 18|43 pages

Pipes & culverts

part 19|37 pages

Ground improvement

part 20|44 pages

Soil reinforcement