Coastal engineering is a field which has grown in importance over the last forty years as mankind has utilised and become dependent on the coastlines of the world to a greater extent.  The activities in the field include the study of wave dynamics, shoreline erosion and protection, harbor and breakwater design, dredging technology, estuary mechanics and storm surge calculations, as well as offshore structural design.  In all of these areas the level of actvity is high and the state of art has imporved dramatically since the 1940's.  An important aspect of all these areas of research is the use of model studies. This volume consists of a number of papers which cover various aspects of physical modelling in coastal engineering, including the generation of waves in the laboratory, the modelling of sediment transport and the application to various engineering problems.  The intent is to provide the reader with an overview of the research actvities of indviduals who represent major laboratories in their countries: to include Denmark, Scotland, Canada, the People's Republic of China, England, the Netherlands and the U.S.

part 1|10 pages

Introduction to physical modelling

chapter |8 pages

Introduction to physical models in coastal engineering

ByRobert A. Dalrymple

part 2|106 pages

Water waves in the laboratory

chapter |36 pages

Physical modelling of water waves

ByI. A. Svendsen

chapter |18 pages

Absorbing wave-makers and wide tanks

ByS. H. Salter

chapter |14 pages

Directional wavemakers

Edited ByRobert A. Dalrymple, Michael Greenberg

chapter |24 pages

Digital to analog wavemaker simulations

ByRobert T. Hudspeth, John H. Nath, Charles K. Sollitt

chapter |12 pages

Laboratory modelling of edge waves

ByR. T. Guza

part 3|82 pages

Sediment transport modelling

chapter |22 pages

Physical modelling of littoral processes

ByR. G. Dean

chapter |22 pages

On understanding scale effect in coastal mobile bed models

ByJ. W. Kamphuis

chapter |36 pages

Sand transport over weir jetties and low groins

ByJ. Richard Weggel*, Philip Vitale**

part 4|74 pages

Applications of modelling

chapter |18 pages

On modelling from grass to dolosse

ByE. Van Hijum

chapter |18 pages

Investigation of wave pressure on vertical wall

ByL. Yu-Cheng*, Yu Yu-Xiu, Xoy My-Tan

chapter |36 pages

Beach profile modelling

ByHsiang Wang*