Pesticide Formulation and Adjuvant Technology brings together experts from industry, academia, regulatory offices, and the legal profession to provide a complete and international reference on agrichemical formulations and modern adjuvant technology.
Global specialists discuss key topics, from scientific and technical issues to regulatory and legal aspects, including:

chapter 1|11 pages

The Regulation of Inert Ingredients in the United States

ByTina E. Levine

chapter 2|11 pages

European Directives on Inert Ingredients and Adjuvants

ByEdwin L. Johnson

chapter 4|10 pages

Development Trends in Pesticide Formulation and Packaging

ByBruno Frei, Peter Schmid

chapter 6|24 pages

Water Dispensible Granules - Past, Present, and Future

ByJeremy N. Drummond

chapter 7|22 pages

Microencapsulation Technology and Future Trends

ByAlan J. Stern, David Z. Becher

chapter 8|60 pages

Macro- and Microemulsion Technology and Trends

ByKolazi S. Nayayanan

chapter 9|11 pages

Suspoemulsion Technology and Trends

ByJoseph R. Winkle

chapter 10|15 pages

Current Packaging Trends and Related Technologies

BySteven Gleich

chapter 11|6 pages

The Market for Agricultural Pesticide Inert Ingredients and Adjuvants

ByEdward G. Hochberg

chapter 12|31 pages

The Reduction of Pesticide Drift

ByFranklin R. Hall, Robert D. Fox

chapter 13|55 pages

Enhancing Uptake and Translocation of Systemic Active Ingredients

ByRoger J. Field, Farhad Dasigheib

chapter 14|26 pages

Herbicide Leaching and Its Prevention

ByMegh Singh, Siyuan Tan

chapter 15|30 pages

Adjuvants – Current Trends and Technology

ByChester L. Foy