This reference provides up-to-date information on research in many different disciplines which give an overall insight into the environmental history of Africa.

chapter |19 pages

New Evidence for a Late Pleistocene Wet Phase in Northern Intertropical Africa

ByR. Alan Perrott, F. A. Street-Perrott

chapter |13 pages

Mise En Évidence D'Un Niveau Marin Holocène Submergé Dans L'Estuaire Du Gabon

ByP. Weydert, J. C. Rosso

part |10 pages

Short Communications

chapter |2 pages

Ionium Dating of Peat: A Note

ByJ. C. Vogel

chapter |1 pages

Drought Prediction in the Sahel?

ByH. Faure

chapter |1 pages

Prédiction D'un Futur Cycle De SéCheresse Au Sahel?

ByH. Faure

chapter |2 pages

Symposium on Methods of Reconstructing Paleoclimate

ByWilliam C. Mahaney

part |7 pages

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