If you?re an agronomist, horticulturalist, plant and soil scientist, breeder, or soil microbiologist, you?ll want to read Nutrient Use in Crop Production to find everything you need to know about judicious nutrient management and maximizing nutrient utilization in the agricultural landscape. In this book, you?ll discover ways to minimize undesirable nutrient losses and techniques for preserving the environment while meeting the challenges of providing the earth?s increasing population with sufficient food, feed, and fiber to sustain life. Your existing knowledge base concerning this vital area of science will expand and grow as you become more open to the new ideas and applications contained in Nutrient Use in Crop Production. Most importantly, you?ll avoid the narrow scope found in most crop nutrition books and take a broader, more globally minded view of how to maximize nutrient use and minimize nutrient losses in the soil of agricultural systems. Specifically, you?ll find these and other areas covered:

  • population growth, food production, and nutrient requirements
  • managing soil fertility decline
  • the role of nitrogen fixation in crop production
  • delivering fertilizers through seed coatings
  • micronutrient fertilizers
  • the role of nutrient-efficient crops in modern agriculture

    Feeding the world without depleting the world?s viable soil nutrients is a monumental task--but one that can be achieved, as evidenced in the pages of Nutrient Use in Crop Production. You and your circle of students, professionals, and administrators will benefit greatly from this in-depth view of nutrient use in both developed and non-industrialized counties to give you a better sense of how to allow both the world and the world?s crops to grow.

chapter 1|27 pages

Population Growth, Food Production and Nutrient Requirements

ByBernard H. Byrnes, Balu L. Bumb

chapter 2|24 pages

Managing Soil Fertility Decline

ByLindsay C. Campbell

chapter 3|28 pages

Soil and Plant Testing Programs as a Tool for Optimizing Fertilizer Strategies

ByPeter J. Van Erp, Marinus L. Van Beusichem

chapter 5|24 pages

The Role of Nitrogen Fixation in Crop Production

ByGraham W. O’Hara

chapter 6|25 pages

The Chemistry and Agronomic Effectiveness of Phosphate Fertilizers

ByMike D. A. Bolland, Robert J. Gilkes

chapter 7|31 pages

Micronutrient Fertilizers

ByLarry M. Shuman

chapter 8|24 pages

Delivering Fertilizers Through Seed Coatings

ByJames M. Scott

chapter 10|24 pages

he Role of Nutrient-Efficient Crops in Modern Agriculture

ByJonathan Lynch