This collection of papers covers many topics in the area of mineral processing, such as: physical enrichment processing; fine particle processing; flotation fundamentals and technology; industrial minerals processing; and waste treatment and utilization.

part 1|79 pages

Comminution, liberation, sizing, and material transport

chapter 1|7 pages

Microwave assisted comminution and liberation of minerals

ByY. Wang, E. Forssberg, M. Svensson

chapter 2|7 pages

Material transport in mineral processing systems

ByA.-Z.M. Abouzeid

chapter 3|4 pages

Vibration grinding – An approach for secondary use of refuse metallic aluminum

ByL. V. Kuzev, N. Hristov

chapter 4|3 pages

The eccentric vibratory mill – Innovation of finest grinding

ByE. Gock, K.-E. Kurrer

chapter 5|4 pages

Energy optimization in the comminution processes

ByM. Grujic, D. Salatic

chapter 7|5 pages

A comparison of wet and dry autogenous grinding

ByJ. Chmelar, K.L. Sandvik

chapter 8|5 pages

New primary crushing system for processing of borate ores

ByT.S. Griffin, T.L. Downing

chapter 11|6 pages

Investigations on the alternatives to obtain finer flotation feed at Küre grinding circuit by simulation

ByŞ.L. Ergün, Z. Ekmekgi, O.Y. Gçlsoy, N.M. Can, E.C. Orhan, S. Dikmen, A. Obut

chapter 12|6 pages

Modelling and simulation of grinding circuit at Çayeli Bakir İşletmeleri A.Ş., (ÇBİ) flotation plant

ByŞ.L. Ergün, S. Ersayin, O.Y. Gülsoy, Z. Ekmekçi, N.M. Can, A. Aslan

chapter 14|6 pages

Effect of sampling on precision of particle size analysis

ByG.B. Başim, B.M. Moudgil, M.A. Khalili, W. Rohricht

part 2|56 pages

Physical enrichment processing

chapter 15|4 pages

Improvement of Bulqiza chromium ore treatment

ByG. Demi, S. Boci&S.Cico

chapter 16|6 pages

Applicability of multi-gravity separation to KOP chromite concentration plant

ByT. Cicek, I. Cocen, M. Birlik

chapter 17|4 pages

Enrichment of fine specular hematite tailings by Mozley multi-gravity separator for use in the paint industry

ByY. ^ilingir, Ş. Sen, A. Seyrankaya, E. Güler

chapter 18|7 pages

A new approach to the evaluation of the Hasançelebi iron ore deposit

ByN. Acarkan, A.E. Yuce, A. Güney, O. Kangal, G. Onal, B. Elevli, A. Demirci

chapter 20|6 pages

A laboratory density analysis developed using non-toxic heavy liquid

ByB. Eroglu, H. Stallknecht

chapter 21|4 pages

Investigations on high gradient magnetic separation processes in rheological media

ByM. Sankaya, M. Erdemoglu, T. Abbasov

chapter 22|5 pages

Red mud minimization by iron removal - Iron reduction

ByQ. Xiang, M.E. Schlesinger, J.L. Watson

chapter 23|6 pages

Hematite thermomagnetization in open air

ByM.L. Kharakhan, S.M. Kreynin, O.N. Generalov

chapter 24|4 pages

Effect of thermal treatment on the removal of clay from colemanite

ByS. Girgin, S. Yiğit, N. Acarkan, A.A. Sirkeci

part 3|49 pages

Fine particle processing

chapter 25|9 pages

Aggregation of fine particles in mineral processing circuits

ByJ.S. Laskowski

chapter 26|6 pages

Prospects of high-velocity waterjet in mineral processing

ByP. Carbini, R. Ciccu, M. Ghiani, A. Serci, C. Tilocca, A. Bortolussi, F. Satta

chapter 27|5 pages

Oil agglomeration of Zonguldak bituminous coal

Byİ. Ünal, Z. Aktaş

chapter 28|5 pages

Concentration of celestite by oil agglomeration

ByY. Cebeci, U. Ulusoy, M. Eriten

chapter 29|4 pages

On the influence of the disturbed conditions in the centrifugal concentration of heavy fine particles

ByB. Patchejieff, S. Gaydardjiev, S. Stoev

chapter 30|6 pages

Effect of some physical and chemical variables on flocculation and sediment behaviour

ByH. Polat, M. Polat, Ü. İpekoğlu

chapter 31|5 pages

Influences of soda-water glass binder and pelletization conditions on the quality of fluorite pellets

ByV. Jovanovic, D. Radulovic, S. Martinovic, S. Popov

chapter 32|3 pages

Behavior of oversize particles in pelletizing

ByA. Başdağ, A.İ. Arol

part 4|82 pages

Flotation fundamentals

chapter 33|13 pages

Physico-chemical fundamentals of nonsulphide minerals flotation

ByA.A. Abramov

chapter 34|4 pages

Physico-chemical models for activation, flotation and depression of pyrite in copper flotation

ByA. A. Abramov, G. Önal, Z. Doğan

chapter 35|4 pages

Flotation properties of a particular type of sphalerite

ByG. Bulut, İ. Kavak, S. Atak

chapter 36|4 pages

Effect of electrochemical environment on collectorless flotation of some sulphide minerals

ByM.K. Matabishi, R. Handfield-Jones, G. Akdoğan

chapter 37|4 pages

Electrochemical potential in single and mixture of mineral slurries

ByF. Göktepe, K.P. Williams

chapter 39|5 pages

The effects of metal ions on the selectivity of feldspar-quartz separation

ByF.Ş. Kilavuz, Ö.Y. Gülsoy

chapter 40|6 pages

Electrokinetic behavior of borax in saturated solutions and its role in flotation

ByM. Müdüroğlu, M.S. Çelik, M. Hançer, J.D. Miller

chapter 42|6 pages

New collectors for Co(II) and Ni(II) removal from aqueous systems by flotation (DAF)

ByL. Stoica, C. Constantin, O. Micu, A. Meghea

chapter 44|4 pages

Selective flotation of ilmenite from ilmenite-rutile mixtures

ByM. Köse, Ç. Hoşten, Y. Topkaya, M. Akser

chapter 45|5 pages

Role of some physical variables on gangue and water recovery in froth

ByÜ. Akdemir, T. Güler

chapter 46|6 pages

Flotation hydrodynamics

Byİ. Bentli, M. Kaya

part 5|40 pages

Flotation technology

chapter 47|10 pages

Iron ore beneficiation in the USA: Past and future

ByI. Iwasaki

chapter 49|4 pages

Effects of reagent scheme changes on flotation performance in ÇBİ Mill

ByB. Aksanı, M.N. Mian

chapter 50|4 pages

Cell-by-cell approach for performance evaluation in flotation circuits

ByÖ.Y. Gülsoy, Z. Ekmekçi, Ş.L. Ergün, F. Kılavuz, N. Karapinar, H. Hassoy

chapter 51|4 pages

Control of modified flotation columns by computer

ByB. Öteyaka, O. Parlaktuna, A. Pirinç

chapter 52|5 pages

Application of a new beneficiation method to ultrafine-size chromite

ByA. Güney, G. Önal

chapter 53|4 pages

Beneficiation of gold sulphide ores from South Sardinia, Italy

ByM. Ghiani, A. Serci, R. Peretti, A. Zucca

part 6|42 pages

Industrial minerals processing

chapter 54|6 pages

Beneficiation of nepheline syenite ore for glass and ceramics industry

ByA.-Z.M. Abouzeid, A.A. Negem, T.R. Boulos, H.A. Ahmed

chapter 55|5 pages

Removal of heavy minerals from albite of Muğla-Milas district by froth flotation

ByG. Akar, A. Seyrankaya, E. Güler, A. Akar

chapter 56|4 pages

Recovery of feldspar from altered granites

ByB. Öteyaka, K. Bilir, H. Gürsoy, Y. Uçbaş, R. Bozkurt, M. Çitciç

chapter 57|3 pages

Concentration of feldspar from trachyte

ByV. Bozkurt, Y. Uçbaş

chapter 58|4 pages

Beneficiation of Simav-Dağardi feldspar by flotation

ByC. Karagüzel, A. Yamik, İ. Bentli

chapter 60|4 pages

Obtaining of natural iron-oxide pigments

ByD. Skendzic, D. Milic, S. Mrdakovic, M. Vranic

chapter 61|6 pages

Processing of iron oxide minerals as pigment raw material

ByF. Gökgöz, H. Demirel

part 7|104 pages

Coal processing

chapter 62|14 pages

Preparation of coal blends for coke-making

ByH.Z. Kuyumcu

chapter 63|6 pages

Effect of coal cleaning and SO2 allowance on cost of compliance coal

ByH. Sevim, A. Patwardhan, B. Huang, R.Q. Honaker

chapter 64|5 pages

Enhanced gravity beneficiation using a dense-medium for fine particle gravity separations

ByR.Q. Honaker, N. Singh, D.P. Patil

chapter 65|5 pages

Effect of dispersant addition on separation of sulphur from coal by magnetic separation

ByF. Boylu, G. Ateşok, M.Z. Doğan

chapter 68|5 pages

Efficiency improvement of fine coal flotation using the modifying effect of sodium sulphide

ByS. Krausz, V. Ciocan, G. Cristea

chapter 70|6 pages

Effect of replacement of coke breeze by petroleum coke on the parameters of sintering process

ByM.E.H. Shalabi, A.M. Barka, M.A. Abdalla, S.S. Abdel Moment

chapter 71|5 pages

Environmentally friendly production of smokeless fuel from high volatile coals

ByD. Kelter, C. Wirtgen, J. Heil

chapter 74|3 pages

The industrial system for the gravity separation of the coal tailing

ByM.R. Ignjatovic, Z. Sekulic, Z. Bartulovic, N. Canic

chapter 75|4 pages

Separation of coal refuse from Maxim dump by means of hydrocycloning

ByL.V. Kuzev, Chr.Hr. Zvetkov, Hr.Cr. Zvetkov

chapter 76|5 pages

Focusing on the combustion properties of binder added coal

ByC. Hiçyılmaz, N. Emre Altun

chapter 77|4 pages

The influence of moisture on particles and gas emission regularities in the combustion of lignite of Turkey

ByG. Önal, M. Özer, F. Boylu, Y.E. Benkli, I. Mustafaev

part 8|123 pages

Hydrometallurgy and bioprocessing

chapter 80|5 pages

Experimental simulation of oxidative leaching of Co-Ni tailings

ByE.P. Bortnikova, O.L. Gaskova, S.B. Bortnikova, D.J. Bessonov

chapter 81|5 pages

A new alternative in tungsten production: Chelate-added acidic leaching

ByS. Gürmen, S. Timur, C. Arslan, İ. Duman

chapter 82|4 pages

Kinetics of rhenium extraction with trioctyl ammonium hydrosulfate from sulfuric acid media

ByA.N. Zagorodnyaya, E.I. Ponomareva, Z.S. Abisheva, T.N. Bukurov, A.K. Tulekbaeva

chapter 83|3 pages

Radiogenic osmium recovery during rhenium extraction from sulfate solutions

ByZ.S. Abisheva, A.N. Zagorodnyaya, E.G. Bochevskaya, T.N. Bukurov

chapter 84|5 pages

Electrodeposition of tungsten-rhenium alloys from solutions after processing rhenium-tungsten-bearing wastes

ByL.Ya. Agapova, S.N. Aitekeyeva, E.I. Ponomareva, Z.S. Abisheva, T.N. Bukurov

chapter 85|6 pages

Process analysis of MnO2 leaching by industrial waste: STR and column tests

ByM. Trifoni, G. Cemigliaro, S. Ubaldini, M. Centofanti, L. Toro, F. Vegliò

chapter 86|5 pages

Comparative study for the solvent extraction of uranium from wet process phosphoric acid using two convenient organic solvents

ByŞ. Girgin, N.A. carkan, M. Sevinç, N.B.Y. Yüksek, S. Acarkan

chapter 87|6 pages

Experimental evidences on the iron removal from a kaolin by acid leaching

ByM. Trifoni, F. Pagnanelli, B. Passariello, M.A. Esposito, G. Scoccia, L. Mosca, F. Vegliò

chapter 88|5 pages

The prospects for an alternative gold leach reagent: Thiourea

ByS. Örgül, Ü. Atalay

chapter 89|5 pages

Thiosulphate: An alternative lixiviant for gold ore

ByM. Tannverdi, H. Mordoğan, U. İpekoglu, S. İrğiil

chapter 90|6 pages

Ammoniacal thiosulphate leaching of Ovacik gold ore

ByF. Arslan, B. Sayiner

chapter 91|5 pages

Leaching pretreatment for gold-bearing refractory stibnite

ByS. Ubaldini, C. Abbruzzese, F. Vegliò, M. Trifoni

chapter 92|5 pages

Processing of Hafik-Madentepe copper slags using conventional and leaching methods

ByS. Aydoğan, M. Canbazoğlu, Ü. Akdemir, V. Gürkan

chapter 93|6 pages

The leaching of celestite in sodium sulfide solution to produce strontium carbonate

ByM. Erdemoğlu, M. Sarikaya, M. Canbazoğlu

chapter 96|4 pages

Kinetics of formation of sodium chromate from El-Baramiya chromite ore concentrate with soda ash pellets

ByM.E.H. Shalabi, N.A. El-Hussiny, S. Y. El-Afifi, N. N. El-Ebiary, F. M. S. Zaher

chapter 97|4 pages

Effect of bacterial treatment on silver recovery from Artvin-Kafkasör ore

ByZ. özdemir, G. Özbayoğlu, Ü. Atalay, G. Özcengiz, G. Alaeddinoğlu

chapter 98|5 pages

Biologically assisted ferric ion leaching of a refractory copper sulphide ore

ByA.A.S. Seifelnassr, F.D. Pooley

chapter 99|5 pages

Biosorption of toxic metals: Effect of pH, reversibility and comparison with a kaolin as adsorbent material

ByF. Pagnanelli, L. Toro, M. Trifoni, F. Beolchini, A. Esposito, F. Vegliò

chapter 100|4 pages

Biological removal of heavy metals from acid wastewaters

ByC. Solisio, A. Del Borghi, A. Esposito, A. Lodi, A. Reverberi, F. Vegliò

chapter 101|5 pages

Biomodification of mineral surfaces in mineral processing and hydrometallurgy

ByP. M. Solozhenkin, V.P. Nebera, N.N. Lyalikova-Medvedeva, V.K. Larin

part 9|45 pages

Solid-liquid separation

chapter 102|4 pages

An introduction to Deep Cone™ thickening technology and its application

ByJ.L. Shelley, L. MacNamara, S. Slottee

chapter 105|6 pages

Scale-up of steam pressure filtration of mineral products

ByU.A. Peuker, W. Stahl

chapter 106|5 pages

Vibrational dewatering improvement by superposed capillary suction

ByA. Ettmayr, W. Stahl

chapter 109|5 pages

Particle destruction in centrifuges

ByM. Bentz, W. Stahl

part 10|115 pages

Waste treatment and utilization

chapter 110|10 pages

Processing of municipal household waste material

ByTh. Pretz

chapter 112|8 pages

Flocculation conditions of marble from industrial wastewater and environmental consideration

ByA. Seyrankaya, U. Malayoğlu, A. Akar

chapter 113|5 pages

Reclamation of flotation tailings from copper mine in the mining and smelting complex Bor

ByR. Lekovski, Z. Stojanović, V. Cvetkovski

chapter 114|6 pages

Copper and lead adsorption on dry tailings – The effect of buffering capacity

ByR.A. Kleiv, K.L. Sandvik, L. Shao

chapter 115|4 pages

Comparison of lime and electrochemical technology for effluents purification

ByV.T. Panayotov, M. Panayotova, E. Mast, E. Cohen

chapter 116|3 pages

A new method for purifying washing acids from copper smelting plants

ByV.T. Panayotov, M. Panayotova, E. Mast, E. Cohen

chapter 117|6 pages

Adsorption mechanism of toxic metal ions by attapulgite

ByH. Sağlam, O. Özdemir, M.S. Çelik, H. El-Shall

chapter 118|3 pages

Fractional uranium extraction from tailings and various soil types

ByM. Stojanovic, D. Potpara, D. Iles, L. Tesmanovic

chapter 119|5 pages

Characterisation and beneficiation studies for Balya lead-zinc mine wastes

ByF. Göktepe, F.D. Pooley, K.P. Wiliiams

chapter 123|4 pages

Coal, ash and environment protection

ByM. Grbovic, D. Salatic, V. Salatic, B. Grbovic

chapter 125|5 pages

Waste waters remediation by 226Ra removal

ByE. Panturu, D.P. Georgescu, S. Petrescu, N. Serban, D. Filip

chapter 127|6 pages

Influence of the polluting agents on the environment within Rosia Poieni Mining area, Romania

ByG. Chindris, G. Fodor, A. Pescaru, N. Onet

chapter 128|3 pages

The metal, ions recovery from waste water by non-conventional methods

ByA. Filcenco, D. Georgescu, F. Aurelian, N. Serban

chapter 130|5 pages

Utilization of natural clay minerals in the removal of ammonia from waste waters

ByH. Çiçek, F. Arslan, M.S. Çelik, M. Turan

part 11|12 pages