Written in an easy-to-read style, this comprehensive guide examines the currentknowledge on opto-mechanical laser beam scanning technology.Combining theoretical and practical aspects, Laser Beam Scanning discusses theapplications, performance, and design of holographic, polygonal, galvanometric, andresonant scanning systems.Bringing together the expertise of leading international authorities, this invaluable sourceprovides unique coverage on gas bearings for rotating scanning devices and windageassociated with polygonal scanners. This work also includes authoritative information onGaussian beam diameters and optical design of components and systems relating tooptical disk data storage.Containing time-saving chapter introductions and summaries, numerous illustrations andtables, useful definitions, and up-to-date references, this handy, on-the-job reference aidsoptical engineers and designers, electronic, electrical, and laser engineers; physicists; andgraduate-level students in optical engineering courses to apply laser beam scanning tonew designs successfully.

chapter 1|62 pages

Holographie Scanners

Applications, Performance, and Design
ByGlenn T. Sincerbox

chapter 2|61 pages

Polygonal Scanners

Applications, Performance, and Design
ByRandy J. Sherman

chapter 3|23 pages

Windage of Rotating Polygons

ByAnthony J. Lawler

chapter 4|43 pages

Bearings for Rotary Scanners

ByShepherd Joseph

chapter 5|96 pages

Galvanometric and Resonant Low Inertia Scanners

ByJean Montagu

chapter 6|13 pages

Gaussian Laser Beam Diameters

ByGerald F. Marshall

chapter 7|107 pages

Optics for Data Storage

Optical Disk Technology
ByPaul Kuttner