Proceedings of the International Symposium on Highway Capacity, Karlsruhe, Germany, July 1991. Papers range widely from driving behavior and pedestrian to the numerical value of freeway capacity and transit capacity.

chapter |16 pages

Some issues regarding the numerical value of freeway capacity

ByKwaku Agyemang-Duah, Fred L. Hall

chapter |18 pages

Implementation of the Australian roundabout analysis method in SIDRA

ByRahmi Akçelik, Rod Troutbeck

chapter |6 pages

Indonesian Highway Capacity Manual

ByKarl-L. Bång, Torsten Bergh, Nick Marler, Sukawan Mertasudira

chapter |12 pages

The new German guideline for capacity of unsignalized intersections

ByWerner Brilon, Michael Großmann

chapter |8 pages

Urban arterial level-of-service evaluation method in Taiwan

ByShyue Koong Chang, Stanley T. Lung

chapter |6 pages

Peripheral productivity: The key to success for the HCM

ByKenneth G. Courage, Charles E. Wallace

chapter |17 pages

Estimating delay at coordinated signalized intersections

ByDaniel B. Fambro, C.J. Messer

chapter |11 pages

Midwest Research Institute, Kansas City, Mo., USA

ByDouglas W. Harwood

chapter |10 pages

Analysis procedures for freeway interchange areas

ByM. F. Holling, L. B. Hubbs, R. T. Johnson

chapter |11 pages

Vehicle capacity at pedestrian crossings in the United Kingdom

ByJohn G. Hunt, J. D. Griffiths

chapter |6 pages

Concept of cooperative transport management for the Greater Munich Area

ByHartmut Keller, Wilhelm Wolters, Hans-Georg Schlichter

chapter |8 pages

Capacity of transit lanes

ByUwe Köhler

chapter |13 pages

Traffic patterns in unstable traffic flow on freeways

ByReinhart Kühne

chapter |7 pages

Critical gap acceptance at two-way stop controlled intersections

ByB. Kent Lall, Kostaman Thayib, Michael Kyte

chapter |6 pages

Development of Korean Highway Capacity Manual

ByRobert B. Lee

chapter |5 pages

Some reflections on transit capacity

ByHerbert S. Levinson, William E. Hoey

chapter |7 pages

Congestion, flow and capacity

ByGuo-Qing Liu

chapter |12 pages

A simulation model for the evaluation of weaving capacity

ByHideki Nakamura, Masao Kuwahara, Masaki Koshi

chapter |6 pages

Bottle-necks on freeways: Traffic operational aspects of roadworks

ByJ. H. Papendrecht, H. Schuurman

chapter |19 pages

Freeway capacity: Definition and measurement issues

ByB.N. Persaud, V.F. Hurdle

chapter |8 pages

Some aspects of speed-flow relations on German motorways

BySchmidt Gerhard, Stappert Karl-Heinz

chapter |9 pages

Influence of safety requirements on traffic flow

ByStephan Schnittger

chapter |10 pages

Pedestrians at signalized intersections

ByAndrzej Tarko, Stanislaw Gaca

chapter |5 pages

Level of service considerations at signalized interchanges

ByThomas Urbanik, Daniel B. Fambro

chapter |6 pages

Performance of motorways and trunk routes at high traffic volumes

ByJaap A.C. van Toorenburg

chapter |9 pages

The use of micro simulation for the design of weaving sections

ByG. M. M. Vermijs Raymond

chapter |10 pages

Passing demand on lower volume two-lane highways

ByMark R. Virkler, David L. Guell

chapter |17 pages

Freeway capacity and flow relationships

ByElizabeth A. Wemple, A.Michelle Morris, Adolf D. May