Provides the latest information on nearly all of the phytoalexins of crop plants studied worldwide over the past 50 years-describing experimental approaches to the research of specific plants and offering detailed explanations on methods of isolation and characterization. Supplies in-depth coverage of cotton, soybean, groundnut, citrus, mustard, grapevine, potato, pepper, sweet potato, yam, sesame, tea, tobacco, pea, pigeon pea, and many more.

chapter 1|39 pages

Progress in Phytoalexin Research During the Past 50 Years

ByR. P. Purkayastha

chapter 2|20 pages

Phytoalexins and Host Specificity in Plant Diseases

ByHachiro Oku, Tomonori Shiraishi

chapter 3|7 pages

Elicitor and the Molecular Bases of Phytoalexin Elicitation

ByMasaaki Yoshikawa

chapter 6|12 pages

Culture Darkening, Cell Aggregate Size, and Phytoalexin Accumulation in Soybean Cell Suspensions Challenged with Biotic Agents

ByRobert M. Zacharius, William F. Fett, Prakash G. Kadkade

chapter 7|32 pages

Phytoalexins as a Factor in the Wilt Resistance of Cotton

ByM. H. Avazkhodjaev, S. S. Zeltser, H. V. Nuritdinova, Raviprakash G. Dani

chapter 8|21 pages

Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Strategies of Defense Expression

Accumulation of Unique Aspergillus flavus Control Substances
ByH. J. Zeringue

chapter 10|29 pages

Chemistry, Biology, and Role of Groundnut Phytoalexins in Resistance to Fungal Attack

ByP. V. Subba Rao *, Richard N. Strange

chapter 11|33 pages

Phytoalexins from the Crucifers

ByThierry Rouxel, Albert Kollman, Marie-Hélène Balesdent

chapter 13|29 pages

Stilbene Phytoalexins and Disease Resistance in Vitis

ByWilhelm Dercks, L. L. Creasy, C.J. Luczka-Bayles

chapter 14|15 pages

Mode of Toxic Action of Vitaceae Stilbenes on Fungal Cells

ByRoger Pezet, Vincent Pont

chapter 15|41 pages

Inducible Compounds in Phaseolus, Vigna, and Dioscorea Species

ByS. A. Adesanya, M. F. Roberts

chapter 17|13 pages

Phytoalexins in Forage Legumes

Studies on Detoxification by Pathogens and the Role of Glycosidic Precursors in Roots
ByV. J. Higgins, J. Hollands, Dallas K. Bates

chapter 18|39 pages

Induction of Phytoalexin Synthesis in Medicago sativa (Lucerne)– Verticillium albo-atrum Interaction

ByChristopher J. Smith, J. Michael Milton, J. Michael Williams

chapter 19|22 pages

Stereoselective Synthesis of Spirovetivane-Type Phytoalexins

ByChuzo Iwata, Yoshiji Takemoto

chapter 20|17 pages

Enzymic Conversion of Furanosesquiterpene in Ceratocystis fimbriata-Infected Sweet Potato Root Tissue

ByMasayuki Fujita, Hiromasa Inoue, K. Oba, Ikuzo Uritani *

chapter 21|17 pages

Defense Strategies of Tea (Camellia sinensis) Against Fungal Pathogens

ByB. N. Chakraborty, Usha Chakraborty, A. Saha

chapter 23|7 pages

Induced Chemical Resistance in Sesamum indicum Against Alternaria sesami

ByR. K. S. Chauhan, B. M. Kulshrestha

chapter 25|37 pages

Possible Role of Phytoalexin Inducer Chemicals in Plant Disease Control

ByAsoke Kumar Sinha