In 24 contributed chapters, 37 international specialists describe the latest developments in research on snake venom including different types of venoms and toxins, actions, antidotes, and applications and summarize what is known to date on Gila monster and frog toxins. Some 70 tables provide essent

part 1|470 pages


chapter 1|50 pages

Snake Venom Presynaptic Toxins

ByBarbara Hawgood, Cassian Bon

chapter 3|22 pages

Cardiotoxins from Cobra Venoms

ByAlan L. Harvey

chapter 4|39 pages

Structure, Function, and Mode of Action of Snake Venom and Other Phospholipases A2

ByFlorence F. Davidson, Edward A. Dennis

chapter 5|42 pages

Cobra Venom Factor: The Complement-Activating Protein of Cobra Venom

ByCarl-Wilhelm Vogel

chapter 6|36 pages

Effects of Snake Venoms on Blood Platelets

ByGesina L. Longenecker

chapter 7|28 pages

Thrombinlike Enzymes from Snake Venoms

ByHubert Pirkle, Ida Theodor

chapter 8|12 pages

Effect of Snake Venoms on Factor V

ByWalter Kisiel

chapter 9|15 pages

Snake Venom Protein C Activators

ByJürg Meier, Kurt F. Stocker

chapter 10|15 pages

Molecular Cloning of Snake Toxins and Other Venom Components

ByJohn L. Middlebrook

chapter 11|51 pages

Tissue Damaging Effects by Snake Venoms: Hemorrhage and Myonecrosis

ByAnthony T. Tu

chapter 12|28 pages

Medical Application of Snake Venom Components Mitsuhiro Ohta and Kiyoe Ohta

ByMitsuhiro Ohta, Kiyoe Ohta, Kyozo Hayashi

chapter 13|27 pages

Botrocetin: Pathophysiology and Use in Study of von Willebrand Factor and Platelet Receptor Glycoprotein 1B

ByFlorence F. Davidson, Kenneth M. Brinkhous, Scott V. Smith, Marjorie S. Read

chapter 14|66 pages

Toxicities of Snake Venoms and Their Components

ByVijay Khole

part 1a|281 pages


chapter 15|23 pages

Renal Disease Caused by Snake Venom

ByKirpal S. Chugh, Vinay Sakhuja

chapter 16|33 pages

Immunological Aspects of Snake Venom Research

ByR. David, C. Theakston

chapter 17|27 pages

Production and Use of Snake Antivenin

ByJean-Philippe Chippaux, M. Goyffon

chapter 18|25 pages

Antivenins in Brazil: Prepartion

ByIsaias Raw, Rosalvo Guidolin, Hisako C. Higashi, Eva M. A. Kelen

chapter 19|28 pages

Antivenin Production in India

BySuresh S. Jadhav, Subhash V. Kapre

chapter 20|33 pages

Management of Cratalid Envenomations

ByWillis A. Wingert

chapter 21|42 pages

Snakebite Treatment by Plastic Surgery Applications

ByClifford C. Snyder

chapter 22|65 pages

Snakebite Problems in Europe

ByDelfín González

part 2|21 pages


chapter 23|19 pages

A Lizard Venom: Gila Monster (Genus: Heloderma)

ByAnthony T. Tu

part 3|28 pages


chapter 24|26 pages

Ultrastructural Aspects of Venom Secretion in Anuran Cutaneous Glands

ByGiovanni Delfino